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A Passenger Throws Out A Soda Can, Hitting Another Vehicle Causing Damage To The Window

Updated: May 11


| Vernal, Ut. | May 8th, 2024 |

A Uintah County Deputy responded to a property damage call at 925 South 1500 West in Vernal.

At the scene, the deputy spoke to the victim, who stated that as he was driving on Highway 40, a male passenger in the car next to him threw a soda can out of the vehicle's window. The can struck the victim's rear driver-side window, causing damage to the window and denting the C-pillar of the victim's vehicle.

On the victim's window, Deputy Anderton saw on the window a round mark on the upper portion of the window and a dent in the metal.

Deputy Anderton asked the victim if he knew where the person who caused the damage had driven to. The victim stated he had seen the car drive South on 1500 West and park at a house. The victim saw the male who threw the soda can walking North toward Highway 40 and then entering the Holiday Inn at 1500 West Highway 40.

The male was later identified as 38-year-old Landon Paul Waddell and was not located at the hotel.

Landon was found at the Super 8 Motel at 1624 West Highway 40. When the deputies entered the hotel, they could hear yelling coming from the hotel hallway. Deputy Anderton saw Landon being spoken to by the hotel staff and was told he wasn't supposed to be in the hotel and needed to leave.

The deputies started speaking with Landon, and he became angry and began to yell at them. Landon started walking aggressively toward one of the deputies with his fists closed, asking, "How many of you is it going to take?"

When asked to calm down, Landon became more aggressive, took his shirt off, and advanced to Deputy Anderton, yelling at the deputy a second time. When Deputy Anderton told Landon we just wanted to talk, he turned and advanced on him, yelling. Landon was secured by other deputies and placed into handcuffs. During the struggle to put handcuffs on Landon, deputies could smell the odor of alcohol coming from Landon.

While being transported to the jail, Landon began yelling that he was going to kill Sergeant Hill and Deputy Anderton and stated that he wished they were shot with the other cops. Landon also stated that he would sexually assault members of their families.

Landon attempted to spit on Sergeant Hill through the cage of the patrol vehicle and stated that he was going to punch Sergeant Hill and Deputy Anderton once the cuffs came off at the jail.

Landon was transported to Uintah County Jail.

During the investigation, Deputy Anderton drove past the movie theater on Highway 40, earlier mentioned by the victim, and found a Sprite can lying on the side of the road. I

He then returned to the address and spoke to the driver of the car mentioned by the victim.

Deputy Anderton spoke with the driver, who stated that his passenger, Landon Waddell, had thrown a Sprite can out of the vehicle, striking a truck next to him while driving past the movie theater on Highway 40. The driver stated that Landon walked away after returning to the home.

The driver stated that Landon had been drinking earlier in the day and that Landon gets irritable when he drinks.

Due to the information gathered during the investigation, Landon was booked into Uintah County Jail on the following charges: Threats of Violence towards a Peace officer, a class A misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct, a class B misdemeanor, Intoxication a class C misdemeanor, and Criminal Mischief a class A misdemeanor.

Landon Waddell was later released according to court documents.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.

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