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Tennessee man arrested for shoplifting at a local smoke shop


2/6/24- Vernal, Ut.- A complainant reported a shoplifting at Xvertuz Vapes at 1175 East US-40. The complainant stated they had taken pictures of a male suspect who stole some vapes from the store.

Officer Murray spoke to the witness/clerk who was working at the time of the theft. The suspect was described as being tall with thinning brown hair, last seen wearing a light gray or white zip-up hoodie and jeans, and last seen leaving the store going North on US-40.

On 2/7/24, Sgt Watt was dispatched to a suspicious person at 1175 East US-40. The complainant saw a male walking North on US-40 near the Uintah School District Offices, who the complainant said was the same male who stole the vapes the day before.

Sgt Watt printed a photo of the suspect and drove to where the suspect was last seen. The suspect was spotted walking on the West side of the highway, and Sgt Watt confirmed that he was the same person in the photograph.

The officer drove past the suspect to the Chevron Top Stop, where the complainant was still watching him.

Sgt Watt asked the complainant what had transpired during the theft and was told that the male had a financial card and swiped it twice, but his card was denied both times. The male then picked up the bag of vapes, thanked the clerk, and walked out the door without paying for the items.

Sgt Watt contacted the male suspect near 1120 East US-40 in front of Split Mountain Pipe Supply, across the street from the Xvertuz Smoke Shop.

As the officer made contact with the suspect, he sighed and appeared annoyed, saying, "What did I do now?"

The male suspect was identified by scanning his Tennessee ID card as 38-year-old Landon Paul Waddell.

Landon continued appearing annoyed about being stopped, so the officer detained him in handcuffs while the case was being investigated. After being secured, as they were walking to the patrol vehicle, Landon made the comment that he was thinking about running from Sgt Watt.

During the search of Landon's person, there were five vapes. It was explained to Landon that he was just being detained at this time and why Sgt Watt needed to advise him of his Miranda Rights so they could talk about the theft. Before Sgt Watt could advise him of his rights, Landon stated his story as he thought he paid for the vapes.

Landon was asked if he had any previous convictions for thefts, burglaries, or fraud, and he said no.

Sgt Watt ran a criminal history check through dispatch, and it was found that Landon had at least one misdemeanor theft conviction and two felony theft/burglary convictions. Landon stated he was homeless and was looking for a job here.

Landon Waddell was arrested and booked into the Uintah County Jail for one count of retail theft. Landon was arrested on 1/30/24 and released on 2/6/24, the same day as the retail theft.


Geez, that bad in Tennessee huh?

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Must be. LOL

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