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A female hits another female with a frying pan, and a male gets caught urinating on the side of US-40


Naples, Ut.- on 2/1/24, Uintah County Deputy Russell was dispatched to assist the Naples Police Department and the Utah Highway Patrol at the Naples Subway parking lot.

When Deputy Russell arrived on the scene, he made contact with a female sitting in her van and identified herself as 71-year-old Marydean Cope Pack, who stated that she was living with her daughter.

Marydean stated that her daughter had been beating her up all day long, and she was upset. It was determined that Marydean be taken to the hospital due to her statements, and she was transported to the Uintah Basin Healthcare to be further evaluated.

During the deputy's interactions with Marydean, her daughter had called into dispatch concerning the incident. Deputy O'Donnal called the daughter and gathered some information that Marydean attacked her daughter and her children.

Deputy O'Donnal went to the residence to speak with the daughter and her children. The deputy was informed that Marydean had spanked one of the children, who then began to scream. The daughter stated that when she came to see why the child was screaming, she saw Marydean spanking him.

The daughter asked Marydean what she was doing, and Marydean attacked her daughter with a frying pan. The victim said she tried to leave with her kids but couldn't find her car keys; she believed Marydean had hidden the keys from her. MaryDean then left the residence, and the victim locked her out of the home.

During the investigation, it was determined that Marydean was the primary aggressor in the incident. Because Marydean used unlawful force to cause bodily injury by hitting the victim with a frying pan, she was arrested and booked into the Uintah County Jail for domestic violence.

Naples, Ut.- On 1/30/24, at 5:00 pm, NPD was dispatched to the area of 1581 East US-40 on the report of an intoxicated male walking down US-40. The complainant stated that the male, at one point, started urinating just off the highway in plain view of the public.

Officer Beatty arrived on scene where other officers were already speaking with the male subject. The male identified himself as 38-year-old Landon Paul Waddell from a paper copy of his Tennessee driver's license.

While Landon was speaking with the officers, they noticed his speech was slurred, he had trouble with his balance, and he could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his person. Landon admitted to urinating off the side of the highway in plain view.

Landon agreed to a Portable Breath Test, which showed a .134 BrAC. Landon was informed that he was under arrest for intoxication and placed into handcuffs.

A search of Landon's person before being taken to jail found nothing of concern. He was then taken to the Uintah County Jail and was informed that he would be receiving a citation for public urination, and he was only being booked into jail for intoxication.


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