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Man Fired From Plaza Mexicana Violates Protective Order And Gets Domestic Violence Charge, Same Day

Posted by Travis Uresk | Nov. 8th, 2022 | Protective Order Violation & Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 10/29/22, There was a report of a male calling the Plaza Mexicana at 55 East Main Street in Vernal, Utah, multiple times.

When Officer O'Donnal arrived to speak with the employees, they stated that a male they knew by the name of "Homie" had been calling into the restaurant, threatening to come in and kill one of the employees. The Officer was told by employee one that there was a protective order between employee two and "Homie."

Officer O'Donnal recognized the name "Homie" to be a nickname for Adolfo Joaquin Samoya. He asked employee one to show him the phone call logs. The Officer conducted a records search and learned that recent dispatch call logs showed the phone number returned to Jay, another nickname for Adolfo.

The Officer confirmed a protective order between Adolfo and one of the employees was in place. This protective order listed Plaza Mexicana as a place Adolfo could not contact directly or indirectly.

Officer O'Donnal went to Adolfo's home and spoke to his roommate, who stated he had just left after being drunk and angry. The roommate also confirmed that the phone number calling the restaurant was Adolfo's.

Adolfo was later located in a separate police incident and was arrested for violating his protective order. While in jail Deputy O'Donnal asked him about contacting Plaza Mexicana by phone. He admitted to calling the restaurant in an attempt to reach his girlfriend, and he admitted to calling three times.

Adolfo was in violation of a protective order, a class A misdemeanor.

On 10/29/22, Later that night, Deputy Pratt was dispatched to Adolfo’s home from a female stating her roommate Adolfo Joaquin Samoya was going crazy and had a pair of scissors. She had been letting Adolfo live in her apartment with her and her kids.

The female stated that she and Adolfo had been arguing in the basement of her apartment, and she became scared and felt threatened by Adolfo. She told her oldest child to get the other children and lock them in a bedroom.

She got Adolfo away from the knives in the area where they were fighting. The arguing continued in one of the bedrooms, where Adolfo found a pair of scissors. He told the female how mad he was at her and started accusing her of sleeping with other men. Adolfo would hold the scissors up to his own throat and run the blades across his neck, telling the female that he would kill her. While telling her this, he would run the scissors across his own neck and then point the scissors at the female. The Deputy did notice fresh scrapes and shallow cuts on Adolfo's forearm and both sides of his neck.

The female told the Deputy that Adolfo would try and grab her and she would jump to the other side of her bed. When she did this, Adolfo would run around the bed to her side and attempt to grab her. She would continue to do this to avoid being caught by Adolfo.

The female said she felt like he was angry enough to kill her if he had gotten a hold of her. The female stated that while Adolfo was yelling and threatening her with the scissors, he told her that he would also kill her kids.

Inside the bedroom was empty beer cans. The female stated that all the empty beer cans were Adolfo's, and he had been drinking that night.

When Deputy Pratt interviewed Adolfo at the jail, he admitted that he had been drinking and threatening the female and the children.

Adolfo was arrested and booked into Uintah County Jail by VPD due to a protective order violation that occurred earlier in the night.

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