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Man Fired From Plaza Mexicana Gets Drunk, Kicks Cars, Then Threatens Ex-Employee

Posted by Travis Uresk | Sept. 28th, 2022 | Vernal, Ut. |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 9/16/22, Adolfo Samayoa went into Plaza Mexicana looking for the employee that had called the police on him for being at a gas station buying beer and kicking cars in the parking lot.

Witnesses said Adolfo came into the restaurant looking for the employee that had called the police so that he could kill him for the incident a few nights before.

While at the restaurant, he asked for his paycheck, and an employee told Adolfo she didn't have his check. Adolfo got angry and started to clench his fists. The employee asked Adolfo to leave but walked back inside the restaurant, scaring the employee.

While at Plaza Mexicana, Adolfo called Central Dispatch and questioned them about laws and that he needed an Officer to contact him right now and might have an emergency soon, but he refused to explain what he meant to dispatch. Adolfo called dispatch once more and asked: "if he had to kill someone to get an Officer to contact him."

He also called Vernal City Police Dept. and told them "he was going crazy and what would happen to him if he committed a crime?"

Officer White met with Adolfo behind Plaza Mexicana to ask him what had happened. He replied, "I am having a war with the employees at the restaurant."

He told Officer White multiple times, "he just wanted his check, and that was it, and he came in peace."

Officer White asked him about the threats of violence and if he had been drinking in the last 24 hours. He denied saying any of those things; he had not been drinking, and that was a lot of hours to remember.

Adolfo was willing to submit a breath sample and tested positive for alcohol. (.259 BrAC)

Officer White then informed Adolfo he was under arrest and placed him in handcuffs. During the search, the Officer observed something inside his right front pocket. Officer White asked what it was, and Adolfo said, "it's a gun." The object turned out to be a wallet.

While handcuffed, Adolfo lunged toward the Officer, shoved him with his upper body, and called him a "fucker." Other Officers grabbed Adolfo and escorted him to a patrol car. Adolfo kept lunging toward Officer White multiple times and became uncooperative. The decision was made to place him on the ground for the safety of everyone involved, and an ambulance was called.

Adolfo began to laugh very loudly and started to yell profanities. Officers told him to stop yelling, and he replied, "fuck you, I'm going to jail for life, homie." He then kicked Officer White and yelled, "you think I'm fucking scared to fucking hurt you mother fucker!"

Because Adolfo was physically uncooperative, he was placed in ankle shackles.

He became physically uncooperative when medical staff and Officers were attempting to place him onto the medical stretcher. Adolfo was eventually put into the ambulance and became belligerent toward the medical staff.

Adolfo was transported to Ashley Regional Medical Center and was medically cleared, then transported to Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on charges of:

Assault on a Peace Officer due to him attempting with unlawful force or violence to inflict bodily injury on me with the knowledge that I was a Peace Officer and that I was acting within the scope of my duties at the time of the assault.

Disorderly conduct for engaging in violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior and for making unreasonable noises in public that were intended to cause the public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm and continuing to do so once asked to cease the conduct.

Threats of violence for threatening to commit an offense involving bodily injury or death with the intent to place an individual in fear of imminent serious bodily injury, substantial bodily injury, or death.

Interfering with arresting Officer for knowing, or by the exercise of reasonable care should have known, that I was a Peace Officer seeking to make a lawful arrest and interfering with that arrest by refusing to refrain from performing an act that would impede that arrest.

Criminal trespass for entering or remaining unlawfully on a property with the intent to cause annoyance or injury to another person and for being reckless as to whether the person's presence will cause fear for the safety of another even after he had been asked to leave.

Intoxication for being under the influence of alcohol to a degree where he may have been a danger to himself or another in a public place where he was unreasonable in disturbing other persons.

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