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Woman Arrested After A Routine Registration Check


Vernal. Ut.- On 11/22/23, Sgt Gledhill was conducting routine registration checks on vehicles in the Family Dollar parking lot. The officer found a vehicle registered to 47-year-old Carly Amber Yates without insurance.

Sgt Gledhill checked Carly's information and discovered that her Utah driver's license was currently denied, and she had a warrant out for her arrest. Sgt Gledhill sat and waited for Carly to come out of the store.

A short time later, a female matching Carly's description exited the store and entered the driver's side of her vehicle. Carly exited the parking lot, and Sgt Gledhill followed and initiated a traffic stop at 1851 West Hwy 40.

As the officer made contact with the driver the only occupant inside the vehicle. Sgt Gledhill informed Carly that her driver's license had been denied, and she thought her license was valid. Gledhill returned to his patrol vehicle to verify the information and requested a K9 respond to the traffic stop.

Cpl Randall responded to the traffic stop, deployed his state-certified K9 around the outside of Carly's vehicle, and alerted him to the odor of illegal narcotics. Carly was asked to step out of the vehicle and asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Carly admitted having items between the driver's seat and the center console.

Cpl Randall checked the area and found a THC vape pen, a tooter, and a zip-loc baggie containing meth. Carly was placed under arrest and secured in the patrol car. Carly was asked about drinking alcohol, and she admitted to having a drink earlier that day.

During the vehicle search, two drink mugs were found in the center console cup holders. One mug contained Vodka, and the other contained White Claw. Inside Carly's purse was a bag of THC gummies, and her car was impounded.

Carly was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where Sgt Gledhill had her perform field sobriety tests and informed her of her rights. During her questioning, she admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana earlier on this date. She admitted to using methamphetamine the day before.


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