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Vernal Man With A Long Criminal History Tries To Hide From AP&P Agents Under Some Sheets

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 21st, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/18/23, Agent Simper was contacted by AP&P Agent Conley, and he advised they were at 3755 W 500 N, Uintah County, and currently had Tyler George Oldham in custody.

They said Tyler had two statewide warrants for hiding from AP&P and found a used syringe in plain view inside the trailer he was currently occupying.

When Agent Simper arrived on the scene and was advised by Agent Conley, they had information that Tyler Oldham had been staying in this trailer on his parent's property. When they arrived, two people looked out the window, a female, later identified as Irene Deherrera, and a male known to them as Tyler Oldham.

They knocked on the door, and Irene answered. They asked where Tyler was, and Irene stated he had left for his father's house. They were invited in to confirm.

Upon entry, they saw a used syringe on a shelf to the left of the door, and while searching, they noticed some sheets moving. They called to Tyler to reveal himself, with no response.

Weapons were drawn, and more units were requested to respond. Tyler eventually complied and was taken into custody by Deputy Russell.

Upon searching Tyler, a white/blue melted tube, or tooter, was found with the suspected residue of heroin.

Agent Simper moved to interview Tyler Oldham and advised him of his rights per Miranda. He stated he understood and agreed to speak with him.

Tyler confirmed his identity and that he was on probation with Agent Conley. Tyler stated he had not checked in with AP&P in several months due to relapsing in his drug use.

Agent Simper confirmed Tyler had been hiding from AP&P since November 2022. Tyler said he had used methamphetamine and heroin from the tooter found on his person this morning.

Tyler said all of the drugs and paraphernalia in the trailer belonged to him.

Agent Simper asked about Irene being in the trailer, and he stated she did not live there. Irene had come to visit the night before. Tyler was asked if there would be any other drugs or paraphernalia in the trailer. Tyler stated there was a black box with all his paraphernalia and an eight-ball of methamphetamine, approximately 3.5 grams.

Agent Simper asked Tyler if he would gather these items for me, and he said he would. They entered the trailer, and Tyler pulled a black plastic ammo box from the shelf next to the refrigerator. This box contained numerous syringes, plastic bags, two digital scales, a spoon, a pipe, and vials.

Tyler also thought he may have a BB gun pistol but could not find it. These items were seized and placed into Agent Simper's patrol vehicle. Deputy Russell transported Tyler Oldham to jail.

While in the trailer, AP&P Agent Ercanbrack was asked by Irene Deherrera to get her jacket. Upon searching, the coat and syringe were found. Agent Simper spoke to Irene concerning the syringe, and she said the syringe had fallen out of Tyler's pants, and she had placed it in her pocket. Irene said it was used for heroin.

A citation for drug paraphernalia was issued to Irene, and her information was gathered to report to DCFS as her child was present.

Agent Simper followed up at the Uintah County Jail, asking Tyler about selling illegal narcotics. Tyler said he did not sell illegal narcotics, and he would have friends come over and use them together.

Agent Simper said, "the amount of methamphetamine was not a typical user amount, and in my experience, users would purchase an eight ball to use about a gram and sell the rest to supply their habit."

Tyler again denied selling illegal narcotics. The interview ended, and Tyler Oldham was booked into jail.

Due to more than two convictions for possessing a controlled substance, both the heroin and methamphetamine charges were enhanced to a third-degree felony.


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