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Vernal man gets upset over a child wetting the bed and violently attacks his girlfriend.

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.-On 6/5/23, A complainant called law enforcement stating her sister called her crying and told her that her boyfriend had gotten upset when their 3-year-old child wet the bed. The complainant said the male grabbed her sister's face and neck, and she could still hear him screaming in the background.

When Officer O'Donnal arrived at the residence, he met with a female who stated her son, 21-year-old Thomas Wade Farnsworth, was downstairs with his girlfriend and child.

Thomas Wade Farnsworth

While meeting with the victim, the argument started after Thomas had spanked their 3-year-old son after he had wet the bed, and then a physical altercation occurred between the victim and Thomas.

The victim explained she was punched in the chest and grabbed by the face. The Officer observed a red mark on her neck consistent with a thumbprint, and a large red mark on her chest, which appeared to be from an assault. The victim told the Officer she was kicked in the stomach, and she was 16 weeks pregnant with their child.

The victim believed when Thomas spanked their child, it was done in anger and that he spanked the 3-year-old in a manner that was not punishment. Officer O'Donnal observed the child, and he had three marks on his right buttocks, which were observed at least 40 minutes after the investigation.

Officer O’Donnal spoke with Thomas about spanking the child, and he stated that he had spanked the child because he had wet the bed. Thomas was asked if the child was potty-trained, and he said no, but they were trying to get him trained.

Thomas admitted the argument between him and his girlfriend became physical, and he had pushed her, and he knew she was pregnant.

Thomas Farnsworth was arrested for assault on a pregnant woman, causing injury, child abuse for recklessly causing physical injury to his child, and commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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