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Vernal Man Breaks His Mother’s Finger And Throws His Daughter Onto A Bed During An Argument

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 2nd, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 01/24/2023, Officer Elmer was dispatched to a child abuse incident, and when he got to the residence, Officer Elmer met with the child and the Mother.

Officer Elmer spoke to the child, and she said she was spending time with her father, Brent Lawrence Taft, at her grandmother's house.

While there, she stated that Brent had left and then returned to the house a while later and that he and her grandmother started yelling at each other and broke her hand.

She then got in between them, and Brent picked her up and threw her onto the hideaway bed in the living room, and she had hit something hard with her arm.

She then said that Brent took away both her and her grandma's phones and then gave them back before he was told to leave by her grandmother.

The Mother said that she could not contact her child until after school the next day when she had gone and picked her up.

Officer Elmer then left and went to the grandmother's home to speak with her about the incident, and when he got there and met with the grandmother, he saw that she had a cast and a wrap on her left hand.

He asked her what had happened; she said her son Brent had gone out that night and come home drunk. She then stated that she and Brent started arguing while they were arguing. She stated that she told him to leave the house or she would call the police.

Brent refused to leave the house, so she went to call 911 where. Brent grabbed her left hand with the phone in it and would not let her call 911.

The two of them fought over the phone, and in the course of it, her finger was broken.

The grandmother then stated that the child stepped in between them and got into Brent's Face telling him to leave them alone. Brent then took her phone from her, picked her up, and threw her onto the hideaway bed.

Brent then later gave them back their phones and left.

Officer Elmer tried to locate and talk to Brent about the incident and was unable to get in contact with him until 01/28/2023.

When making contact with Brent at the grandmother's home, Officer Elmer asked him about what had happened that night, and he said that he came home, got into an argument with his mom, and then picked up his child and placed her on the hideaway bed, and left.

Brent was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked for domestic violence assault, domestic violence in the presence of a minor, child abuse, and interruption of a communications device.

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