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Uintah County Sheriff's Office received a call that a male had been hit in the head with a pan

Updated: Jan 5


On 12/30/23, Deputy Russell was dispatched to the area of 11500 East 4500 South in Randlett. It was reported that a male had been struck in the head with a pan that his girlfriend threw.

When the Deputy arrived, he talked with the property owner, who stated that 29-year-old Kyle Jo Bateman and his girlfriend had been fighting in the driveway in front of the house. She stated that the male was yelling that he was a "White Supremacist," and she asked him to leave her property, which he did by being picked up by a coworker.

The property owner said she had taken the victim to a family member's house to help de-escalate the situation. She called the victim, and the Deputy later met with her away from the residence.

Deputy Russell met with the female victim at the intersection of 4500 South and 7500 East and had the victim tell him what had happened. The victim started telling him that she and her boyfriend, Kyle, had gotten into an argument, and he began to shame her for her body. The victim stated that she had forgotten she had a can of baby formula in her hand and threw it at Kyle, striking him in the head.

The victim told the Deputy she helped Kyle clean the wound and was even going to take him to the hospital. She stated that Kyle had gotten into the car, and she was taking him to the hospital when he got upset again. She told the victim to stop the car so he could drive.

The victim told Deputy Russell that she pulled over, and Kyle got in the driver's seat and drove them back to their house. She said when they got back to the house, Kyle then started strangling her hard enough that she had a difficult time breathing. This incident took place in the driveway of their home.

The victim was asked to explain how he choked her, and she used her hand to demonstrate. She was also asked the time between when she struck Kyle with the baby formula and when she tried to take him to the hospital. She said about 20 minutes.

Deputy Russell met with Kyle at the UBMC in Roosevelt, where he was informed that he was severely intoxicated. Russell entered the room to begin gathering his statement.

Kyle was asked to explain what had occurred at the residence, and he was not able to tell the deputy anything that had taken place at the home.

Kyle provided a voluntary PBT, which read .255 BrAC.

Because of the altercation between Kyle and the victim, along with the level of intoxication of Kyle, he was taken into custody for Aggravated Assault (DV) and intoxication. The allegation was that Kyle had used his hand and applied pressure to the point that the victim was not able to breathe. Intoxication because the level of intoxication renders Kyle a safety concern to himself and others.


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