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Uintah County Deputy Responds To A Call Of A Disorderly Female

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 30th, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 4/24/23, Deputy Roth responded to a residence of a report of a disorderly individual. The complainant stated that the female was throwing things around the home.

When the Deputy arrived, he saw a male and a female outside the home. The male had two sets of scratches with fresh blood running down the right side of his cheek. While speaking with the male, he explained he had been sleeping on the couch when he had been woken up by his wife, 39-year-old Cory Susan Lackey.

Cory had been yelling at her adult son in the other room to pack up because they were moving out. After the male got up, he said that Cory became upset and began hitting him with both hands, hitting his head and body, and kicking him while he was on the couch.

Cory and her son were moving their property out of the home, and the male said he would help move the items out of the residence. He and Cory's son began to argue and started pulling back and forth on a mattress they were carrying. During this time, the adult son tripped, fell, and accused the husband of pushing him with the mattress.

While the Deputy spoke with Cory, he asked her about the scratches on her husband's face. She stated that she didn't have any blood on her and didn't know how the scratches got on his cheek. She said that he must have scratched himself. Deputy Roth could smell the odor of alcohol coming from Cory's breath and asked her if she had been drinking. She said a few.

Cory was informed that she was being placed under arrest for assault. While placing her in handcuffs, she continued to scream and yell. She was told to stop yelling multiple times.

Deputy Roth escorted Cory to his patrol vehicle, and she attempted to pull away and drag her feet. At the patrol vehicle, she was asked multiple times to get in the vehicle, and she continued to yell and refuse to get in. Cory was offered one more chance to get into the patrol vehicle and was informed that we would be placing her into the vehicle if she didn't get in.

Cory still refused to get in Deputy Roth's vehicle, and she had to be picked up and placed on the seat while she attempted to fight and prevent the police from getting her into the vehicle.

After medical clearance, Cory was booked into the Uintah County Jail on assault (DV), Disorderly conduct, interfering with an arresting officer, and intoxication.

After running a criminal history check on Cory, multiple convictions were found for domestic violence Assault and Disorderly Conduct within the last five years, enhancing those charges by one degree.


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