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Uintah County Deputies respond to a fight in progress at the Jensen Trailer Park


Jensen, Ut. (1/18/24) Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to the Jensen trailer park on the report of a fight in progress. Dispatch informed responding officers that the complainant was reporting her husband was tearing up the trailer and hurting her. Dispatch also informed the officers that the suspect was throwing things at the complainant and grabbing her arms and face.

Sgt Cheshire arrived on the scene and met with the male standing outside the camp trailer next to a vehicle. His Utah driver's license identified the male as 59-year-old George Antonio Green.

While speaking with George, he lost his balance, and the Deputy thought he was going to fall over. Sgt Cheshire believed his balance issues were because of his level of intoxication.

Sgt Cheshire asked George what had occurred today for them to be called. George stated that he was hungry and started looking through the cupboards. George found a lot of old food, got upset, and started yelling at his wife. He stated he threw a bag of chips at his wife, hitting her. George kept repeating that he had gotten upset over the "old food" and that the incident was only an argument.

Sgt Cheshire went into the camp trailer to speak with the complainant. She said George got upset and started throwing food at her. She stated George hit her with two food items and told him she was going to call the police because she was afraid.

The victim called 911. When George realized she was actually calling the police, he grabbed the phone and ended the call. The victim said dispatch immediately called back, and George answered and told them everything was fine. George gave his wife the phone, and she was able to talk to dispatch.

The victim said during the incident, George grabbed her by the right side of her face, specifically her cheek area, and squeezed. The victim believes her husband has PTSD from serving in the military, but she called 911 because she was afraid for her safety.

Sgt Cheshire noticed several food items on the floor, including a plastic food container that the victim said George hit her with.

George was placed under arrest for domestic violence assault, interruption of a communication device, and intoxication. He was taken to the Uintah County Jail, where he provided a breath sample resulting in .266 BrAC.

George was transported to Uintah Basin Health in Vernal for medical clearance. Once cleared, George was taken back to the jail and booked.

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