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Uintah Basin Narcotics Strike Force Arrest Another Drug Dealer


On 1/4/24, UBNSF made arrangements to meet with a confidential informant to purchase a controlled substance. The CI reported they could buy narcotics from a subject known to the CI as 54-year-old Ronna Deanne Thompson (Sweat).

Agents met with the CI at a prearranged location and searched the CI for weapons, drugs, and money but didn't find anything. $50 was issued to the CI to use to purchase the illegal drugs.

The drug transaction was to take place at the apartments at 720 South 100 East in Roosevelt, Utah.

At 9:00 pm, the drug transaction was completed, and agents returned to the meeting location. The agents debriefed the CI and provided an account of what had happened.

The CI reported arriving at the arranged location and met with Ronna. The CI reported that Ronna put 14 orange Xanax pills and 2 Blue Xanax pills into a plastic bag. The CI reported that Ronna exchanged the pills with the CI for the $50 cash that the agents provided.

The CI said they entered their vehicle and returned to the prearranged location. The CI then turned over the plastic bag containing the suspected Xanax. It was booked into evidence at the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office.


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