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Two men at a motel get into a shoving match, and both fall to the floor. One goes to jail

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 8/19/23, a complainant stated he was trying to check on a male guest who was stumbling down the hallway at the Quality Inn at 1684 West Highway 40. The male had just left the bar and shoved the complainant. When the complainant tried to shove him off, they landed on the floor, still pushing each other.

The male was extremely intoxicated, according to the complainant, and went by the name of "Carlos." This male was described as having short black hair, a mustache/goatee, and a gray shirt with "Dragon Ball Z" on it.

When Officer Ross arrived at the scene, he was met by the complainant, who escorted him to one of the motel rooms where the male was allegedly staying. After knocking on the door, Officer Ross was met by another individual who stated he didn't know a Carlos, but his current roommate was lying on a bed wearing a gray shirt with black hair.

The individual said his roommate had just returned to the room recently, and he consented to allow the Officers to enter the room and approach the man lying on the bed.

The male was wearing a gray "Dragon Ball Z " shirt, with black hair and facial hair. His Colorado driver's license would later identify the man as 26-year-old Christopher Joseph Minjarez.

Officer Ross tried to speak with Christopher, but he was unresponsive on the bed. Ross shined his flashlight in his eyes, shaking him, but he was still unresponsive.

After several attempts, Christopher woke up but wouldn't answer any questions asked by the Officers. It was apparent that Christopher was intoxicated.

Officer Ross requested that Christopher identify himself because he matched the description of the person involved in the tumultuous fighting behavior. Still, he refused to cooperate with law enforcement and failed to provide his ID, name, and date of birth after he was given multiple opportunities.

Christopher was informed that he was under arrest and placed into handcuffs.

While taking Christopher to the patrol vehicle, he had difficulty standing and couldn't walk in a straight line. The Officers had to physically escort him to stop Christopher from falling over.

Christopher was secured into the patrol vehicle and transported to the hospital to be medically cleared, given his apparent level of intoxication.

While at the hospital, Christopher was verbally combative and attempted to spit at Officer Ross several times. Once, landing a few inches from the Officer's boots. The other two times, he spat on himself and was told to stop the behavior.

Christopher continued to be non-compliant with hospital staff and was eventually medically cleared to go to jail. He was transported to Uintah County Jail without further incident. While at the jail, Christopher submitted to a portable breath test with the results of .238 BrAC. Christopher couldn't maintain his balance and fell while sitting at the hospital and the jail.


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