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Traffic Stop Turns Up Drugs And A Handgun

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 19th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Ballard, Ut.- On 3/12/23, a white SUV was parked at the Maverick gas station in Ballard at around midnight. UHP Trooper performed a records check, and the vehicle returned with expired registration.

When the SUV left the gas station, the Trooper conducted a traffic stop. The driver informed the Trooper she didn't have a driver's license and had three active warrants for her arrest.

Dispatch confirmed she did have the three active warrants and a suspended driver's license.

33-year-old Brittany Candice Brock was placed under arrest for her warrants.

Brittany stated she had a meth pipe in her front left pocket, a bag of meth in her bra, and a handgun behind the passenger seat. The Trooper did a pat down search and found a clear glass pipe with a burnt white substance consistent with meth.

The Trooper then had Brittany get the bag of meth out of her bra and place it on the hood of his patrol vehicle.

Brittany was placed into handcuffs and escorted into the patrol vehicle.

During the vehicle search, the Trooper found the handgun inside a beanie behind the passenger seat. An extra magazine was inside the center console, with another glass pipe with burnt marijuana. The Trooper also found a pre-wrapped cigar labeled THC also inside the center console.

The Trooper requested Brittany to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, she agreed, and he demonstrated the test to her. Brittany did the first test and started the second test, then refused to continue.

Brittany stated she couldn’t pass the tests due to using meth recently.

The handcuffs were placed back on, and Brittany was transported to the hospital for a blood draw and then transported to the Uintah County Jail, where she was booked in on the warrants and the drug charges.


Mar 20, 2023

so now the cops are running plates in private parking lots? hows that for freedom?

Mar 24, 2023
Replying to

They have always done that. It's nothing new. If your tags are expired they have every right to run your plates. I don't see the problem with it

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