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Three People Go To Jail After A Police K9 Alerts To Fentanyl And Meth During A Traffic Stop


| Vernal, Ut. | May 12th, 2024 |

At 11:30 pm, Deputy Roth made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a brake light violation in the area of 600 West 3000 South.

The deputy walked to the driver’s side door and told the driver the reason for the traffic stop. During the deputy's conversation, he found that the female and male passengers were not wearing their seat belts. Deputy Roth gathered the driver's and passenger's IDs.

The front male passenger was identified as 32-year-old Adam Benjamin Davis.

The front-center female passenger was identified as 32-year-old Chelsea O'Neil Davis.

The driver was identified as 36-year-old Kreg Dale Shewell.

While Deputy Roth was running records and driver's licenses and checking for warrants on the vehicle occupants, Sgt Watkins deployed his Utah State Certified Narcotic K9 around the exterior of the vehicle to conduct a free-air sniff.

It was found that Adam had an active warrant issued for his arrest. As Deputy Roth was removing him from the vehicle and Deputy Lyman removed the female passenger, Sergeant Watkins removed the driver from the vehicle so a vehicle search could be conducted for illegal narcotics.

Sergeant Watkins reported that as he was having Kreg exit the vehicle, a tooter straw fell from his person as he stepped out. At this point, all occupants of the vehicle were placed into handcuffs and read their Miranda Rights.

Adam claimed to have no knowledge of anything in the vehicle. During the custodial search of his person, a folded piece of tin foil was located in his pocket with the burnt residue to be used to smoke illegal narcotics.

While under Miranda, Adam admitted to consuming Fentanyl with his wife (the female passenger) earlier that night after purchasing it from the driver. After the vehicle search was completed where, the driver was found to possess a large amount of narcotics, and narcotics and paraphernalia were located in Adam's wife's purse.

When asked about the Methamphetamine that was located in his wife's purse that was in the front seat with him and the other occupants, Adam claimed to have no knowledge of the Methamphetamine and stated he had only purchased and consumed the Fentanyl that was located.

During a custodial search of Chelsea, Deputy Lyman located a tooter straw in her pocket that Chelsea admitted to using 30 minutes before the stop to consume Fentanyl. While under Miranda, she stated that in her purse in the front seat of the vehicle was a glass pipe she used to consume Methamphetamine earlier that day.

She also said that in the purse, they would find a clear container of Methamphetamine and about 7 Fentanyl pills that she stated she and her husband (the front male passenger) had purchased from the driver that night.

She claimed that the Fentanyl was purchased for use by her and her husband, and she had purchased the Methamphetamine for her personal use. The deputies found the items in Chelsea's purse as described and secured them as evidence. Chelsea also informed them that she had tin foil in her bra that was later located and removed from her person by jail staff.

Kreg admitted the tooter straw found on him was used to ingest Fentanyl. He also admitted to having a container on his person that had about 21 Fentanyl pills with a bag inside the center console that contained a large assortment of 57 Fentanyl pills.

Also located in the center console was a methamphetamine pipe. While under Miranda, Kreg informed Sergeant Watkins he had consumed Fentanyl a few hours prior. He also admitted to supplying his two passengers with fentanyl pills along with supplying the female with Methamphetamine. Regarding the methamphetamine pipe located in the vehicle, Kreg admitted the methamphetamine pipe belonged to him. During the investigation, the female admitted she received the Methamphetamine from Kreg along with the fentanyl pills found in her possession.

A criminal history check was run on Kreg, and it was found that Kreg has one prior narcotic charge in North Dakota that occurred in 2022.

Kreg was transported to the Uintah County Jail for possession of Fentanyl with the Intent to Distribute (57 pills found in the center console and 21 pills on his person), two counts of distribution of Fentanyl to both passengers in his vehicle, one count of distribution of Methamphetamine to the female passenger, possession of Methamphetamine (substance in the pipe Kreg admitted was his), this charge was enhanced one degree because of the prior charge in North Dakota, possession of Fentanyl (residue in straw that fell out onto the ground), this charge was also enhanced one degree because of the prior charge in North Dakota along with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Chelsea was transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked on one count of possession of a controlled substance (Fentanyl), one count of possession of a controlled substance (Methamphetamine), and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Adam was transported to the Uintah County Jail and was booked on one count of possession of a controlled substance (Fentanyl) and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and his active warrant.


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