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Texas Man Strangles Female Over Child Being Sick

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 4th, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 3/1/23, VPD responded to a domestic detail involving the victim being strangled.

The victim told Dispatch that the male who strangled her was in the living room, and yelling could be heard in the background. Dispatch stated they could not maintain contact with the complainant throughout the phone call.

Upon arrival, Officers met with the male in question at the front door and had him speak with Officer Borrelli. The male would later be identified as Adan Gonzalez by his Texas driver's license.

Officer Ross entered the home and spoke with the victim, who was seen with two children in the bedroom. KA stated the incident started earlier with a verbal argument, and the argument was about one of the children being sick and needing to go to the hospital.

She stated Adan left and then came back, and when Adan came back, they got into another verbal argument involving the children. At this time, Adan said he was going to take the child, and she grabbed Adan's necklace, and in turn, he grabbed her necklace, breaking the necklace.

The victim then broke Adan's necklace and attempted to get the child from Adan. The victim stated they ended up near the couch in the living room, and Adan used his left hand to choke her against the wall.

She said this was the first strangulation and described the strangulation as firm enough under her jawline to lift her up but not reduce her breathing. The victim stated Adan then told her, "Don't fuck with me."

While being strangled, she struck Adan in the face a couple of times and shoved him to get him away, and they ended up on the couch. Adan placed both hands on her neck, and this was the second strangulation.

The victim said her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she couldn't breathe or scream for help. She said. Adan then released his grip from around her neck. During this physical altercation, her hair was also pulled from the back of her head.

The victim recorded the incident, but only audio was captured. She said both children were in the living room during this incident.

Officer Ross then spoke with Adan, who was outside with Officer Borrelli, and Adan confirmed there was a verbal argument before the physical altercation.

Adan said he remained calm during the incident while the female argued with him and called him names. Adan confirmed that he left the residence and later came back.

Adan said when he came back, he grabbed his son and put him into the car seat to take him to the hospital, and they both grabbed each other necklaces, in which both were broken.

The female then kicked and punched his legs and arms, and he grabbed the victim and threw her on the couch to calm her down. Adan described grabbing the woman by pointing to his shoulder, saying he tried to grab her waist, and then throwing her on the couch.

Adan stated he does not remember putting pressure on the victim.

Officer Ross asked Adan if he placed pressure on the victim's neck, and he said, "If I did, it wasn't purposely, and If I did, it was to calm her down."

Adan stated he pulled her hair by twisting his wrist.

Adan was placed in handcuffs, secured into a patrol vehicle, and transported to the Uintah County Jail to be booked.

Sgt. Watt, who remained on the scene, the victim, disclosed additional information about another incident involving strangulation that occurred on Sunday, 2/26/23.

She reported that on Sunday morning, they were arguing, though she could not recall what that fight was about. She was sitting on the bedroom floor, ignoring him, and he had a black shoe in his hand and motioned it toward her as if he was going to hit her with it, but he didn't.

Adan commented that he was seeing if she would flinch. She then told him to go ahead and hit her as he had done in the past.

The victim got up to leave the bedroom, and Adan followed her. They were in the small hallway that connects the kitchen to the living room and bedrooms when he put his hand on her throat and pushed her against the hallway closet door, choking her.

She said she could not breathe and held her for an estimated 10 seconds. When asked what he was saying to her during this incident, she could not recall. Adan let go of her and turned to walk into the living room when she slapped him in the side of the face.

Adan then turned and grabbed her by the hair and led her through the kitchen towards the back door, where he again grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against the wall choking her and telling her not to "fuck with me."

She couldn’t breathe and estimated that this lasted about 10 seconds. He let go of her when her 3-year-old daughter came into the back of the kitchen crying.

The victim said she asked why he choked her, and he said it was because she slapped him. The victim stated that she started crying and wanted to leave and go back to Texas, even though she had only arrived to Vernal the day before.

He apologized for acting the way he did and scaring her.

Officer Ross requested Adan Gonzalez is held on no bail due to the severity of the crime and the fact that he has no ties to this area. If let out on bail, he is a flight risk and a danger to our community and these victims.

Adan has been accused of strangling the victim multiple times to the point the victim could not breathe, almost blacked out, and could not scream for help.

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Mar 05, 2023

Omg! This man sounds very scary and like, hes shows no remorse...when he does get out of jail im sure hes going to run back to Texas.

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