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Son Arrested For Punching His Mother In The Face


| Vernal, Ut. | June 7th, 2024 |

Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to an assault where the victim had told her daughter that her son, 36-year-old Gary Rance Scott, punched her in the face while loading items on a trailer.

Deputies responded to the home on South Vernal Ave. with Deputy Fairey arriving first.

Deputy Fairey attempted to speak with Gary. He stated he didn't hit his mother and that it wasn't a police issue and walked away into a shed. Deputy Jones arrived just as Deputy Fairey was ordering Gary to come out of the shed.

Deputy Jones spoke with the victim, who stated she went to help Gary pack his belongings in the Cockleburr Canyon area of Jensen. Gary started to get agitated, sat in the car, and lit a cigarette.

The victim started yelling at Gary to not smoke in the car. The victim was sitting in the driver's seat when Gary punched her in the face, making her bleed. The victim tried walking away from the car and wanted to walk to the road to call 911, but Gary ran after her and grabbed the car keys from her back pocket.

Gary and the Victim raced back to the car, and the victim sat in the driver's seat. Gary climbed over her into the passenger seat. Gary then tried pulling the victim over to the passenger seat, leaving a large bruise and scratch on the victim's right bicep area.

The victim was able to calm Gary down enough to drive back to the residence, where she and her daughter could call 911. Gary stated under Miranda that he did punch the victim in the face after she had hit him and ran after her, grabbing the car keys from her pocket and then pulling her while in the car.

Gary was arrested at the residence and transported and booked into the Uintah County Jail. Gary Scott may post bail in the amount of $1,080.00.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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