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Several guests at a motel reported hearing shouting coming from one of the rooms


Vernal, Ut.-On 8/30-23, Deputy Ogle was dispatched to the Comfort Inn and Suites regarding a suspicious detail. The complainant stated several guests reported hearing a loud noise and shouting from one of the rooms.

Upon Deputy Ogle's arrival, Cpl. Johnstun was speaking with a witness who provided a witness statement stating he heard screaming coming from the motel room, so he knocked on the door. The witness said a Hispanic male carrying a baby walked out of the room and left.

Deputies Simmons, Hill, and Ogle made contact with an adult female living in the motel room who identified herself as 23-year-old Maya Laurel Lucero. When asked what happened, Maya said she had gotten "very mad" at her boyfriend and screamed at him.

When asked why she was so mad at her boyfriend, she said she asked him if he wanted to still be with her, and he said no.

Maya said she continued to yell at him to the point she woke up their 7-month-old baby. That's when her boyfriend got out of bed, grabbed their baby, and started walking away. Maya grabbed his arm to keep him from going, and she stated they both ended up on the floor and didn't know how that happened.

Maya said it was so dark inside the room and so messy they had probably tripped over something, causing them both to fall. Deputy Ogle asked her if she had hit her boyfriend, and she didn't want to discuss the incident.

Deputy Simmons contacted Uintah County Dispatch, asking them to do a records check on Maya. Dispatch advised the Deputies she had three active statewide warrants for her arrest.

Maya was placed under arrest. While handcuffing Maya, she repeatedly asked to use the bathroom, saying she was pregnant and needed to go. She was told that once they got to the jail, she could use the bathroom, but she was persistent in asking to use her bathroom.

During the interview at the jail, Maya stated she smokes marijuana all the time and said it's not a drug. She was asked if she smokes meth, she said no.

Deputy Simmons stated while speaking with Maya in the back room, she stated that there was marijuana in the bathroom. A search warrant for the motel room was approved.

During the search of the motel room, several drug paraphernalia items and narcotics were found throughout the bedroom and bathroom area. Suspected marijuana, THC wax, used glass pipes containing suspected meth, and small baggies, which are common with packaging and selling illegal narcotics, were found in the bathroom.

More marijuana items, including dispensary packaging containing suspected marijuana, were inside the baby crib and on two separate end tables on either side of the bed. THC wax was located inside a purse belonging to Maya, and paraphernalia items containing THC wax were on the floor near the bathroom and bed. A large, clear-in-color glass bong was inside a backpack beside the bed.

Maya Laurel Lucero was booked into Uintah County Jail.

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