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Roosevelt, Utah Woman Arrested For Domestic Violence After Breaking A Window

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 18th, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 12/10/2022 at 3:31 pm, Officer Harrison received a report of a disorderly at Stoneridge apartments. It was reported that 31-year-old Marlah Mae Cesspooch had been drinking and had broken a window out of the apartment.

When Officers arrived in the area and located Marlah, who stated she and her boyfriend were arguing over him talking with other women, she was mad that he was asking her to be nice to them while he was speaking with them.

Marlah was asked about a broken window, and she said something happened; then later stated she was outside the house and hit the window, which broke.

Marlah stated she didn't know it was going to break. Karl was inside the bedroom, and they were yelling back and forth at each other. Officer Harrison could smell the odor of alcohol coming from Marlah while speaking with her.

Marlah stated she had been drinking earlier. Officer Harrison then spoke with Karl, the complainant, and the victim. He reported that Marlah became angry at him for saying hi to other women, and they started arguing about this.

He stated he went to the apartment, and Marlah stayed outside. While Karl was in the bedroom, Marlah broke the bedroom window out. After she broke the window, Karl stated that he threw a cup of water at her from inside the apartment.

Karl and Marlah both reported that they have been dating and living together.

Marlah was arrested for Domestic violence and criminal mischief for breaking the bedroom window and intoxication.

Marlah is currently on probation and is prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol and was also placed under arrest for possession and consumption of alcohol by an interdicted person.

Marlah was transported to the hospital, cleared, and booked into jail for Domestic violence and intoxication.


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