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Police Search For An Attempt To Locate A Vehicle Traveling East On US-40 That Left Ute Petroleum

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 4th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Uintah Co.- On 5/1/23, at around 8:30 pm, central dispatch sent out an attempt to locate (ATL) for a white Ford F-150 traveling East on US-40 from the Ute Petroleum gas station. The call notes stated that two males at the store were in the bathroom for about 20 minutes, and one of the males came out and threw up in the store, possibly doing 10-35 (drugs) in the bathroom.

UHP Trooper Ryan was in the area and decided to sit stationary on the eastbound side of US-40 near milepost 138 to hopefully locate the vehicle. The Trooper was watching his rear radar when a vehicle behind him near the 65 mph speed limit sign. He noticed a drastic change in his Doppler tone as the vehicle approached him. The speed of the vehicle dropped to 55 mph.

The vehicle was a white Ford F-150. The Trooper caught up to the truck and saw this was the correct vehicle bearing the license plate dispatch gave.

Trooper Ryan activated his front radar in the same direction, and the truck's speed ranged from 55-60 mph. A vehicle records check showed the registration expired in February of 2023.

Trooper Ryan initiated a traffic stop on the truck, and he approached the vehicle on the passenger side and saw three occupants inside the truck. The driver identified herself as 27-year-old Haylee Erleen Betts.

The driver and a passenger had freshly lit cigarettes while the Trooper talked with them. Dispatch confirmed registration was expired, and Trooper Ryan requested a K9 to respond to the traffic stop.

Officer Randall with the Vernal City Police Department responded and ran his K9 around the truck to do a free-air sniff. Officer Randall radioed a positive indication of illegal drugs.

Sgt. Watkins and Deputy Russell arrived on scene, and they individually asked the vehicle's occupants to step out so they could search the truck. Officer Randall and Trooper Ryan searched and found a butane torch and two pieces of green plastic tubes in the passenger door. A burnt substance used for smoking drugs was on each end of the plastic tubes. A folded piece of aluminum foil with a burnt substance was found inside a sunflower seed bag on the passenger side floorboard.

Sgt. Watkins and Deputy Russell were talking with Haylee when they observed her acting suspiciously and questioned her about it. She produced a small dime bag with round blue pills consistent with fentanyl.

Officer Randall approached Trooper Ryan and stated he found another folded piece of aluminum foil in the brush near the vehicle's front passenger side. In this tin foil was a blue pill that matched what was in the dime baggie Haylee was in possession of.

Vernal, Ut.- On 4/26/23, Deputy Lyman observed a vehicle traveling East toward Vernal and conducted a traffic stop at 1500 West US-40. The vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn, and upon parking, the driver began getting out of the vehicle.

Deputy Lyman pulled in behind the vehicle with his emergency light activated, exited his patrol vehicle, and approached the driver, who was still standing by the driver's side. The driver was informed that he had been stopped due to his license being denied, to which he replied he knew it was denied, but he was driving because his passenger Haylee Betts was driving earlier that day and began getting sleepy.

Deputy Lyman asked the driver to sit in his vehicle while he completed the traffic stop. He had already requested assistance knowing that the driver had previous dealings with illegal narcotics.

As Deputy Lyman finished talking to the driver, Officer Roth with the Naples Police Department arrived to assist. The driver was instructed to roll the windows up on the vehicle so Officer Roth could utilize his K9 to sniff the air around the vehicle. The K9 provided a positive indication of illegal drugs in the vehicle.

The Deputy informed the driver and Haylee that they would search the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, the Deputies found tin foil underneath the passenger seat where Haylee was sitting. Also, a purse was found, which contained cotton swabs, alcohol pads, and other drug-related paraphernalia, along with debit cards belonging to Haylee.

As the Deputies were searching the driver’s side and the trunk of the vehicle, and while Deputy Lyman was locating items belonging to the driver, Haylee stated she would claim ownership of the items so the driver wouldn’t have to go to jail. Haylee didn’t know Deputy Roth had already discovered items in her purse at this time.

A black bag with several hygiene items and women's clothing was in the trunk. Opening the bag, Deputy Lyman found a sharps container and used needles.

Haylee was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. It was noted that the items Haylee was arrested for were not the items she claimed ownership of to have the driver not go to jail.

Haylee Betts was transported and booked into the Uintah County Jail.

All the males in both articles are unknown.

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