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Police Respond To A Man Destroying A Car In The Parking Lot Behind The Seven Eleven Ranch Restaurant

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 9th, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 01/01/2023, Corporal Randall responded to the back parking lot of the Seven Eleven Ranch Restaurant located at 77 East Main Street, Vernal, Utah, regarding a reported criminal mischief detail.

It was reported that a Hispanic male was destroying a car in the parking lot. When Corporal Randall arrived on the scene, he saw a gold Pontiac parked behind the restaurant. The back window of the Pontiac had been broken. The front windshield had sustained damage as well.

Corporal Randall was advised by a witness the suspect was a Hispanic male wearing blue jeans and a dark jacket. The witness informed me the suspect had fled the scene on foot, traveling westbound. Corporal Randall began to patrol the area around the restaurant.

Corporal Randall saw a Hispanic male in blue jeans and a grey hoodie walking westbound, crossing 200 West. He stopped the Hispanic male, who was identified as 34-year-old Juan Luis-Moto Rodriguez in the parking lot of the apartment complex at 45 North 200 West.

Juan does not speak English. Sergeant Gledhill contacted FBI Agent Ryan, who speaks Spanish, to act as a translator for Juan. Juan told Agent Ryan that he was the one who damaged the vehicle behind the Seven Eleven Ranch Restaurant.

Corporal Randall asked Agent Ryan to ask Juan if he owned the car. Agent Ryan informed me that Juan Rodriguez was not the vehicle's owner.

Juan informed Agent Ryan that he had been consuming alcoholic beverages that day.

Juan told Agent Ryan that a man at the restaurant had thrown hot oil in his face.

Corporal Randall placed Juan under arrest and transported him to the Uintah Basin Healthcare Emergency Room in vernal for medical clearance. While at the hospital medical staff provided Juan with a translator.

Juan admitted to the translator that he had damaged the car. Juan also admitted to the translator he attempted to assault a cook in Plaza Mexicana.

Juan said he would punch the victim when he threw hot oil in his face.

While waiting at the hospital, Corporal Randall was advised by Sergeant Gledhill Juan entered the back entrance of Plaza Mexicana located at 55 East Main Street, Vernal, Utah. Sergeant Gledhill advised me that Juan had thrown a metal food container at the victim that struck him in the head.

Sergeant Gledhill stated the victim then threw oil in Juan's face.

Sergeant Gledhill advised Corporal Randall that there was security footage of the incident in the kitchen at Plaza Mexicana, and Officer McCurddy had viewed the footage.

Sergeant Gledhill advised Corporal Randall the victim was the owner of the vehicle damaged by Juan in the parking lot.

Sergeant Gledhill also told Corporal Randall that Juan had assaulted his ex-wife, who also works at Plaza Mexicana.

Sergeant Gledhill informed Corporal Randall a translator was needed to communicate with his ex-wife.

Sergeant Gledhill said she told him she went to Juan's home on break.

Sergeant Gledhill stated she told him Juan had been drinking most of the day when she arrived at his residence. Sergeant Gledhill said she informed him that she had turned Juan's music down, which upset Juan.

Sergeant Gledhill stated she informed him that Juan began to yell at her.

Sergeant Gledhill stated she informed him that she locked herself in a bedroom of the apartment.

Sergeant Gledhill said that Juan kicked in the door to the bedroom she was in.

Juan then punched her in the back and wouldn't let her leave. The woman said Juan picked up a kitchen knife and pointed it at her.

Sergeant Gledhill stated she had sustained a bruise on her back, and what appeared to be a cigarette burn on one of her forearms. Juan then threatened to kill her and the man from Plaza Mexicana. Sergeant Gledhill said she had her two juvenile sons in the residence at the time of the assault. 15-year-old and 6-year-old.

Sergeant Gledhill said he spoke with her 15-year-old son. He stated he witnessed Juan punch his mother. The son informed said he heard Juan threatening to kill his mother.

Corporal Randall spoke with Juan at the Vernal City Police Department.

Corporal Currie acted as a translator by telephone. Corporal Currie advised Juan of his rights. Juan stated he understood his rights and would speak to us. Corporal Currie asked Juan several questions in Spanish. Corporal Currie reported to Corporal Randall Juan and denied threatening his ex-wife with a knife and physically assaulting her. Based on the facts above, Juan Rodriguez was booked into the Uintah County Jail.

The current offense is a felony. There is substantial evidence to support the charge. Through clear and convincing evidence that would constitute a substantial danger to any other individual or the community, he is likely to flee the court's jurisdiction if released on bail.


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