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Police Get A Tip Where A Wanted Man Is Staying


Vernal, Ut—On March 22, 2024, Vernal City Police received a tip that a wanted man was staying at a residence near 400 W 250 S.

Upon arriving at the residence, Officer Murray was met by Sgt Watkins, who made his way to the back of the residence, where he came in contact with 40-year-old Matthew John Arthur.

Sgt Watkins ordered Matthew to stop, and he was under arrest, but Matthew began to run to avoid being arrested.

Sgt Watkins deployed his taser, and Matthew was arrested and placed into handcuffs. He was then escorted to the front of the property, where the officer sat him down on the curb while waiting for EMS to arrive.

While waiting, Sgt Watkins searched Matthew's bag and found a can of Rogue nicotine pouches. In the can were three pieces of tinfoil, an empty plastic pen, and meth.

Matthew Arthur was booked into the UCJ on the charges of:

1 count of possession of a controlled substance Schedule 1 or 2. This is a Felony 3 charge, with his prior convictions enhancing the charge.

Due to Matthew running from Deputy Sgt Watkins after being told to stop, he was booked on 1 count of failure to stop at command. A Misdemeanor A.

Due to Matthew not complying with Deputy Sgt Watkins commands after being told he was under arrest, he was booked on 1 count of Interfering with an Arresting Officer. A Misdemeanor B.

Due to Matthew being in possession of the tinfoil and plastic "Tooter," he was booked on 1 count of Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. A Misdemeanor B.


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