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Deputies From An Outside Agency Staying In A Local Motel Called 911 After Hearing Arguing Outside Their Room


| Vernal, Ut. | April 28th, 2024 |

Law enforcement was dispatched to the Comfort Inn & Suites to a 3rd party report of possible domestic violence.

Deputy Mieure learned that 46-year-old Alonzo Jim II was arguing with his girlfriend. When Officer Nielsen arrived, he saw a male (Alonzo) leaving through the front doors with blood on his hand, being followed by two other males.

The two males following Alonzo out of the hotel were two off-duty deputies from Millard County who were also staying at the hotel. They heard the arguing from their rooms, exited, and saw Alonzo and his girlfriend arguing in the hallway.

The off-duty officers separated Alonzo from his girlfriend and took him out of the hotel. The off-duty officers stated that Alonzo remained belligerent as they escorted him from the hotel.

Officer Nielsen told Alonzo to stop and talk to him. Alonzo stated he was upset and needed to go for a walk. Alonzo was told multiple times not to walk away, but he didn't comply and proceeded to walk away from the officer.

Deputy Mieure spoke with Alonzo, who was still upset and claimed nothing was wrong and that he was just upset about his nephew, who stated he was dying. Alonzo consented to a portable breath test, which showed an alcohol level of .058 BrAC.

Alonzo's girlfriend insisted that Alonzo was just upset because he received a call that his nephew was dying, and he was emotionally upset. His girlfriend stated that Alonzo did not assault her.

Alonzo was placed under arrest and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

On April 9th, 2024, in Davis County, UHP Trooper Santisteban observed a vehicle traveling 84 mph in a 70 mph zone. As he caught up to the vehicle it changed lanes multiple times and continued to pass several other cars.

The trooper began pacing the vehicle at over 100 mph, and it was gaining distance even as the trooper was going over 100 mph. Trooper Santisteban activated his emergency lights and siren. The driver then made a lane change to the right and almost collided with another vehicle already in that lane. The vehicle in that lane had to swerve aggressively to avoid this driver crashing into them.

Upon Trooper Santisteban walking up to the car and speaking to the driver, 46-year-old Alonzo Jim II, the trooper observed that there was an open container of alcohol in his front cup holder. The driver handed him the beer can, but it was still half a can left.

Trooper Santisteban conducted standardized field sobriety tests, and the portable breath test returned positive for alcohol. The driver is alcohol restricted. Upon conducting a search of the driver, a vape device with a thick syrup-like substance was found in his front pocket.

On the vape was a picture of a marijuana leaf. While conducting a vehicle inventory, other vapes and snacks with marijuana leaves on them were found.

Alonzo Jim was later released.


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