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A Uintah County Man Arrested For DUI, Three Days Later Gets Arrested For Assault


| Vernal, Ut. | May 8th & May 11th, 2024 |

In the early morning of 5/8/24, Uintah County deputies were dispatched to an address on South Vernal Avenue to a single vehicle accident. The complainant stated power lines were down and a telephone pole had been knocked over.

When Deputy Ogle arrived, he saw that Officer MaGaha with Naples City Police was first on scene.

Deputy Ogle approached the wreaked vehicle with Officer MaGaha, who had the driver's Utah driver's license. The driver was identified as 23-year-old Dante Rollins, who was standing in the roadway near the 2000 South Vernal Avenue sign.

Dante appeared to have some minor visible injuries to his hands and face, as there was a small amount of blood. When asked what kind of injuries he had, he was slurring his words and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.

As Dante sat in the back of a patrol vehicle, Deputy Ogle asked him to tell him what happened. Dante said, “I was driving and fell asleep.”

When asked if he had been drinking, Dante said he had a few beers earlier. Deputy Ogle could smell the slight odor of alcohol emitting from his person as he stood next to him.

Due to Dante being in a single-vehicle accident resulting in injuries to his body and head, there were no SFSTs conducted.

Officer MaGaha stated that a witness to the accident saw Dante in the driver's seat right after the crash. The witness told Dante to stay in the vehicle until he determined there were no power lines on or near the car. Once it was determined safe, Dante exited the car.

While Dante was receiving treatment from the EMT's, Deputy Ogle asked dispatch to conduct a records check on his driver's license. Dispatch returned with Dante's driver's license was suspended; he is an alcohol-restricted person and requires an ignition interlock device.

Prior to Dante going with EMT personnel, Deputy Ogle advised him he was under arrest for driving while his license was suspended, alcohol restricted, no ignition interlock device, and DUI alcohol and or metabolite.

While at the Ashley Regional Medical Center, Dante consented to a blood draw request. Two vials of Dante's blood were removed from his right hand and booked into a Uintah County fridge box for evidence purposes.

Before leaving the hospital, Dante was putting on his sweater when a gray tooter straw fell out of his hoodie and landed on the floor. This tooter was picked up by the deputy and kept for evidence reasons. Deputy Ogle asked Dante what he smoked out of the straw, and he said he smoked some blue pills. Dante was asked if it was fentanyl, and he said yes.

Before leaving the hospital, Deputy Roth informed Deputy Ogle that he had spoken with both parents on scene, and they both stated Dante took their truck without their permission. They wanted to press charges for him for taking their truck and then wrecking it.

Once a medical clearance was received for Dante Rollins, he was transported to Uintah County jail, where he was booked for the following charges:

Unauthorized control of a motor vehicle is a third-degree felony; DUI alcohol and or drugs enhanced to a class A misdemeanor for having two prior convictions within ten years, alcohol restricted driver a class B misdemeanor; operating a motor vehicle without ignition interlock device a class B misdemeanor, and driving while license is suspended a class B misdemeanor.

On 5/11/2024, Officer Nielsen was dispatched to a call of a domestic that occurred in the area of 1350 West 350 South, Vernal, Ut. The complainant stated that her son’s father had come to the residence, punched her TV, threw her against the counter, and then left the home.

The officer arrived and met with the victim inside her home, where the victim stated that Dante Rollins was there drinking when he got aggravated. The victim then said she yelled at Dante for punching the TV; Dante then threw the victim against the counter.

Dante looked up and saw the camera in the kitchen and proceeded to rip the camera off the wall. The victim stated that Dante then left the residence, heading towards a house on the corner of 1350 West 250 South. The victim stated that the blood on the wall was from when Dante pushed her up against the counter. The victim stated that Dante's son was in the house when the incident occurred.

While inside the residence, Deputy Ogle observed a large TV that appeared to have been punched and damaged beyond repair. There was blood on the counter above the sink, where the victim stated she was pushed up against. The camera was observed on the floor where Dante had dropped it. There was dirt on the floor where Dante had knocked a plant off the fridge.

Officer Candelas located Dante at the house on the corner. Dante told Officer Candelas he was at the residence and punched the TV. The officer placed Dante into handcuffs, secured him into Officer Candelas' patrol vehicle, and transported him to Uintah County Jail.

 Dante Rollins was booked into Uintah County Jail for Assault with domestic violence, enhanced with two previous pleas in abeyance in the last ten years, enhancing it to a Felony 3.

Deputy Ogle is asking for Dante to be held without bail due to the fact that the assault was enhanced to F3 from domestic violence against the same victim in October 2022. The victim's father had stated that in the previous incident, Dante had choked the victim.

He is also asking for Dante to be held because of the danger he has been to the public in the past and because the current situation is a danger to the victim.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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