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Neighbors Call The Police Saying They Can Hear A Man Choking And Threatening To Kill A Female

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 23rd, 2023 | Domestic Violence & Violation Of Court Order |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 2/17/23, at around 4:00 am, Vernal Police were dispatched to 805 S 160 E on a report of physical domestic violence. Two parties called dispatch, stating they could hear yelling, fighting, and a female being choked.

When Officer O'Donnal arrived on the scene, he knocked on the door and identified himself as the Vernal Police Department. After several attempts, nobody answered the door. He then went to the complainant's residence and learned they could still hear the arguing and fighting in the house.

They allowed Officer O'Donnal into their bedroom, connected to the reported address, to hear what was happening. He could hear a male and female and a loud noise coming from their room. As he returned to the apartment, the upstairs neighbors asked to speak with him.

Officer O'Donnal learned from the neighbors they could still hear the fighting through an air vent. The neighbors stated before making contact with him that they heard the man say he would kill her.

After speaking with the upstairs neighbor, Officer O'Donnal returned downstairs and saw a male opening the door. The male came out and immediately showed the Police his hands. This male was later identified as 33-year-old Robert Eugene Campbell.

Officer O'Donnal walked into the house and saw a female whose right eye was swollen and black. She had several fresh lacerations around her right eye. The female also had fresh lacerations around the left side of her eye. The female had several hand prints around her throat and neck, indicating she was strangled.

The female also had scratch marks around her throat, indicating she was attempting to remove Robert’s hands he had placed around her neck. Officer O'Donnal also saw what appeared to be two distinct marks that he believed to be thumbprints on her neck/throat.

While Officer O'Donnal spoke to the victim, she was holding an infant.

The female said she and Robert had been drinking, and she found Robert in the closet, and he started accusing her of locking him inside the closet for an hour. The victim told the Officer the argument started because he was locked in the closet, and she couldn't hear him.

She said Robert had pushed her against a wall which caused her black eye and her glasses to break.

Officer O'Donnal went to speak with Robert, and he had his hands out and stated he wanted to see his daughter. Officer O'Donnal asked him what had happened.

Robert said, "Me and her got into an argument, I put my hands on her, and I shouldn't have. I'm a veteran, and I'm a piece of shit, take me in."

Officer O'Donnal tried asking him about the black eye on the female, and Robert refused to answer, saying he wanted to see his daughter and started becoming irate.

Robert was then placed in handcuffs and escorted to a patrol vehicle. While walking down the stairs, Robert began tensing up. When the Police got to the bottom of the stairs, Robert used his body weight to pull himself to the ground as well as Officer O'Donnal.

Robert was warned that if he continued this behavior, he would be charged with interfering.

Robert had to be picked up from the floor by Officer O'Donnal and assisting officers, and he would not get into the patrol vehicle and had to be forced in.

While en route to jail, Robert stated, "that bitch better watch out when I get out, I'll slice that bitches throat when I get out" this statement was recorded on the dash camera. While at the Jail, Robert again stated he would kill the female when he got out and added that he would kill the baby, also.

Officer O'Donnal was told by an assisting officer that while at the jail with Robert, he had spoken to the female about the indecent in more depth.

They learned that Robert started to yell at her then he pushed her onto the ground in the closet. Robert then got on top of her and started to strangle her. The victim said that Robert started with both hands, then alternated and began to strike her in the face by punching her. She then stated that she was afraid that Robert wasn’t going to stop choking her.

She said that he stopped because their daughter was in the room crying, and they heard Officers knocking on the door.

At the Jail, Robert stated several more times that when he got out of jail, he would kill the female and the child and slice their throats.

Uintah County Jail- On 2/18/23 at approximately 5:30 pm, Deputy Jensen was working in the Booking Area of the Uintah County Jail when he was made aware of a potential Protective Order violation committed by Inmate Robert Eugene Campbell, who is incarcerated at UCJ.

Upon Investigation, Deputy Jensen found that Inmate Campbell attempted to call the victim listed on the Jail Release Agreement twice.

On 2/17/23, Inmate Campbell signed the Jail Release Agreement stating he would not contact the victim listed on the JRA. However, after signing the JRA Inmate, Campbell told deputies that if he used the phone, he would, in fact, still contact the victim.

On 02/17/23, deputies did not let Inmate Campbell use the phone.

On 2/18/23 at approximately 4:30 hours, Deputy Jensen was working in the Booking Area of the Uintah County Jail, and Inmate Campbell, housed in Cell Detox Two, asked to use the phone in the booking.

Deputy Jensen had Inmate Campbell step out of Cell Detox Two and explained to him again that he had JRA still in place and that he hadn't used the phone yet, and that he stated to deputies that he would contact his victim.

Deputy Jensen asked Inmate Campbell if he still intended to contact the victim listed on the JRA and if he felt the same about the situation the night prior.

Inmate Campbell stated No, "I was still fucked up."

Deputy Jensen explained the JRA to Inmate Campbell again, informed Inmate Campbell not to attempt to contact or try to have a third party contact the victim listed, and advised Inmate Campbell very clearly that he would be charged with an additional felony for every attempt of contact he made to the victim listed.

Inmate Campbell stated he understood and agreed not to contact the victim, so Deputy Jensen allowed him to use the phone. After Inmate Campbell got off the phone at approximately 5:30 pm, Deputy Jensen received a phone call from a person who stated he was the father of the victim listed on the JRA.

He informed Deputy Jensen that the victim had just received two phone calls identified from a facility and that he believed it was Inmate Campbell attempting to communicate with the victim.

After receiving this information, Deputy Jensen conducted an investigation and discovered that at approximately 4:23 pm and 4:28 pm, Inmate Campbell attempted to call a phone number listed as the victim. Both attempted phone calls were not connected.

Deputy Jensen asked Inmate Campbell if he had attempted to call the victim, and he said No. Deputy Jensen Informed him that he called her phone number twice, which directly violated the JRA.

Inmate Campbell claimed that the phone number was his, not the victims. Deputy Jensen informed him again that he attempted to contact the victim of his JRA twice by calling the phone number listed as the victim.

Uintah County Attorney’s Victim Advocacy/ Rights as a Victim of Crime

District Court- Adult
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