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Michael and Nicole Tuinman Are Headed Back To Court In January For Theft

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 30th, 2022 | Theft & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Law enforcement received information about a stolen RV trailer. This trailer was stolen from a property located in Duchesne County. The owner informed Officer Mathews that the last time he saw his RV trailer was in October 2021.

He realized his trailer was stolen when a neighbor informed him it was missing from this property.

Deputy Ryan Hunter received a picture of the owner's stolen trailer before finding it.

On 06/13/22, a search warrant was approved to search a property belonging to Lonny Eliason. This property was located in Duchesne County. Law enforcement had received information from Howard Walker Clark that a stolen trailer on Lonny's property belonged to the RV owner’s neighbors.

This would be the basis for this search warrant. During the execution of this search warrant, Deputy Hunter made Officer Mathews aware of another stolen trailer located on Lonny's property. This was due to the complainant's pictures of his stolen RV trailer that were sent to Deputy Hunter previously.

This stolen trailer was a 1994 Sandpiper pull-behind travel trailer. On this trailer's front window cover were numbers that didn't appear custom to this trailer when it was made. These numbers appeared to have been placed there by the previous owners of this trailer.

Also located in this trailer was a bill of sale that listed the complainant as the buyer.

Also, the complainant’s trailer photograph was consistent with this trailer located on Lonny's property. Walker was interviewed under Miranda. Walker stated to law enforcement that he, Nicole Tuinman, and Michael Tuinman were all involved with stealing the man's RV trailer.

Deputy Hunter received a trail camera picture from the neighbor. This picture captured the complainant’s trailer being stolen from his property with a truck that appeared consistent with a truck owned by Lonny in May of 2022.

Lonny mentioned he allowed Walker to use his truck in the past. Walker stated he used Lonny's truck to steal this trailer. Nicole and Michael asserted their 5th amendment right. Walker, Nicole, Michael, and Walker's girlfriend, Tyler Bird, were found to be involved with other thefts and trailer thefts from different properties in the general vicinity of the property where the complainant’s trailer was located.

On June 12, 2022, Officer Hunter Responded to a Burglary call in the Cedarview area of Duchesne county, Utah. The complainants had followed the suspects from the property in question until Deputy Priebe could perform a traffic stop on the vehicle.

Once the vehicle was stopped, the driver of the vehicle, Howard Walker McCoy Clark, Date of Birth (DOB: 11/10/2000), gave Deputy Priebe a false name.

Upon further investigation, Deputy Priebe was able to identify Howard, and he admitted that he had stolen solar panels from the residence. The solar panels were located in the back of the vehicle and had been taken from Unincorporated Duchesne County, Utah.

After being taken into custody, Howard was interviewed at the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office on the morning of June 13, 2022. Howard was shown a photograph of his vehicle pulling a trailer with White side panels on May 31, 2021. Howard admitted he had the trailer which was reported Stolen.

Howard said that the trailer was on his uncle's property where he was living. His uncle is Lonny Eliason. Deputies with the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office responded to the residence and were able to locate the trailer that Howard had stolen and parked next to the camper he was staying in with his girlfriend.

The camper Howard was staying in was also reported stolen and has been verified as being taken from the owner's property using photographs from a neighbor's cameras in the area.

The property of the burglary from June 12, 2022, was also burglarized back in Mid-May.

It is believed that both cases are connected. A Search Warrant was applied for and granted. The Search Warrant was executed at 1:54 pm.

While conducting the Search Warrant, Howard's wife Tyler Allison Bird (DOB: 03/24/1994) returned to the property.

While speaking with Tyler, who goes by her middle name of Allison, she gave officers the false name of Shailylnne Pickett, which was actually her sister. After confronting Allison about the false information, I pulled her aside and began to ask her about the Burglary on May 15, 2022. Alison told Officer Hunter that Michael Tuinman, who was related to Howard and lived on the same property, came and talked with Howard about a property he said was abandoned in Unincorporated Duchesne County, Utah. This property was burglarized on May 15, 2022, and June 12, 2022.

Allison stated that She, Michael, Howard, and Michael's wife Nicole Tuinman went to the property a few days before May 15, 2022, and they Broke into the shop on the property.

Michael broke a window on the man's door, reached in unlocked, and all parties entered.

They stole an All-terrain vehicle, generator, and utility trailer that was located on the property.

Allison said that a few days later, Michael, Nicole, and Howard returned to the property with a truck and trailer and took several more items, including 6 Guns, ammunition, several more generators, Welders, a boat motor, and several Misc. items.

They used a welding truck to cut the locks off several semi-storage trailers and a Conex box.

To gain access, they also broke windows in several camp trailers on the property.

These buildings were broken into totaled 9 and items that were stolen from these buildings were in an estimated excess amount of $5000.00. One of these trailers was where the guns were located.

After speaking with Allison, Michael, who was located on the property, showed officers different places on the property where the stolen items from the May 15 Burglary were located and was informing officers that Howard was the individual who had stolen the items.

Michael was placed under arrest based on the information gathered from Allison.

A follow-up interview was done with Howard on the afternoon of June 13, 2022. Upon further questioning, Howard admitted under Miranda to the burglaries, and his version of the events mirrored Allison's.

Nicole was Arrested on the evening of June 13, 2022, and charged along with Michael and Howard. Michael and Nicole were brought in for questioning upon their arrival at the jail but refused to speak to officers on the advice of Counsel.

Michael was convicted of a Felony, making him a Category II Restricted Person. While conducting the Warrant Michael provided officers with a key to the search of his trailer where he and Nicole reside.

Michael stated the only thing you will find is my Marijuana and told deputies that he smokes Marijuana daily.

Officers located inside Michael's trailer a green leafy substance in several containers consistent with Marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia. Nicole was found on a traffic stop on June 13, 2022, by Deputy M. Duncan. Nicole was placed under arrest, and she consented to a vehicle search.

Upon searching the vehicle, a container was found in the middle console under Nicole's wallet that contained a Green leafy substance consistent with Marijuana.

Before being arrested, officers made contact with Nicole by telephone. Once Nicole was told she was being wanted for questioning, she hung up the phone and refused several attempts at calling her back.

When Nicole was finally arrested, she was leaving her residence and told officers she was heading to town.

Deputy Duncan who was the arresting officer stated that it appeared Nicole was in the process of fleeing the area. Officer Hunter said his opinion is that if released from jail, Nicole will attempt to flee the Jurisdiction.

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