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Manila Female Refuses To Leave A Residence After Hitting A Man In The Head With A Hammer

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 6th, 2022 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Manila, Ut.- On 11/15/21 at 4:05 pm, Officer Hoover was dispatched to a report of trespassing in progress. Information coming from dispatch was that there was a female on scene that was refusing to leave a residence.

When he arrived on scene and observed two women up near the house in what appeared to be a heated argument.

Officer Hoover made contact with both females. One of the females stated that they had been in an argument, and she just wanted the other female to leave. One of the females, later identified as Linsey Ann Bondi, said that she wanted the Officers ID and tried to step around to his right side.

Officer Hoover told her to step back in front of him, "I do not like people standing behind me that I don't know and have no idea if they have weapons."

He had to order her over three times to do so and stronger in voice each time. She finally complied and then asked to see his ID again. Officer Hoover explained to her that he was already in uniform with a badge clearly on his chest and a firearm in a holster on his hip.

Officer Hoover also explained to her that he arrived in a marked Sheriff's Officer vehicle that was right behind him.

She kept asking for his ID. Both females continued to argue, and the Officer asked one of them to go in front of her vehicle so that he could talk to her.

At this point, Linsey walked up the stairs to the residence after being told not to.

The female stated that Linsey had been living at the residence for approximately six months, and they had never had problems like this with her in the past. Officer Hoover asked what had taken place today.

The male and female on scene stated that Linsey had been asked to leave after acting erratically and not doing anything around the house to help. The female stated that she had, at one point, gotten Linsey into her vehicle to take her to her home and had to take the keys to the car so Linsey would not steal it.

Officer Hoover asked if there had been anything physical between them. The female stated that she had hit Linsey in the mouth with the back of her hand, and Linsey had hit her several times and had hit the male in the head with a hammer.

They were both concerned that Linsey was in the house hurting the male's father.

The Officer went upstairs and located Linsey in the kitchen with an elderly man. Officer Hoover walked over to Linsey and told her to place her arms behind her back. She reached across the table and grabbed a cell phone while demanding to see his ID again.

Officer Hoover took the phone away from her and placed it back on the table. She screamed at the elderly man to call 911. She attempted to pick up another cell phone and tried to use it. The Officer also took that one away from her.

She then reached up and punched Officer Hoover’s chest right near the body-worn camera that was on and recording.

He then took Linsey by the left arm and attempted to place her into a twist lock to get her to turn around to be handcuffed. She began to fight and pull away from him. He eventually got her near the table and chairs and held the wrist lock while telling her to give him her other hand.

She refused and continued to fight. Officer Hoover grabbed his radio and called for backup. He was able to get her other hand behind her back as Sgt Isaacson arrived on the scene.

He assisted Officer Hoover in handcuffing her hands. A search of her person and the bag around her neck yielded nothing of value or illegal.

She was escorted from the home and placed into the rear of Sgt Isaacson's vehicle.

She then was able to open the door and tried to escape from the vehicle as Sgt Isaacson was walking towards Officer Hoover. He was able to get her back in the vehicle and secure the door with the child safety lock so that she could not exit the vehicle again.

Sgt Isaacson left the scene to take Linsey to the jail in Vernal.

Officer Hoover returned to the male and female to further investigate what had occurred.

He observed blood on the right side of the male's head towards the rear and above his ear.

Officer Hoover asked what had happened. He stated that Linsey had hit him with a hammer during all of this. The Officer had both the male and female fill out a witness statement. He took pictures of the male's head and the laceration. The male stated that he was going to the doctor with his father in the morning and would have it checked then.

Officer Hoover asked him if he was feeling drowsy or lightheaded. He stated that he was not.

The Officer explained to them that Linsey would have a No Contact Order placed on her and that if she violated that order in any way, to call back.

Linsey Ann Bondi's Statement:


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