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Man Under AP&P Supervision Arrested For Having Meth


Vernal, Ut. - On Tuesday, 12/5/23, at around 8:45 in the morning, Officer White was requested to assist AP&P, who had been conducting a probation follow-up at a residence near 94 S 100 W.

Officer White spoke with the two agents, who informed him that the individual inside the residence was 25-year-old Devon James Scott Yonker, who had been under their supervision. When the two agents entered the home, they saw drug paraphernalia in the living room and underneath the couch where Devon was sleeping.

Officer White saw the paraphernalia the agents had found and multiple pieces of tinfoil that contained burnt residue and a tooter (hollow cylindrical object, most often plastic tubes or straws, that are used to inhale the smoke of controlled substances).

Cpl Pummell with VPD assisted by transporting Devon to the Uintah County Jail, where he had initially been held on a 72-hour hold that had been a result of him violating the terms of his probation for having the meth and drug paraphernalia.

Officer White conducted a criminal history query through Central Dispatch and learned that Devon had previously been convicted of at least three possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance charges and that one of those charges had been a felony. All three previous convictions had occurred within seven years prior to the date of this incident.

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