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Male and female get into an argument. The female throws the male's clothes out in the driveway

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

By Travis Uresk Onenationjustice


Vernal, Ut.- On Wednesday, 9/6/23, Officer White responded to a report of a female and a male having a verbal altercation in the 200 North Vernal Ave area.

During the investigation, Officer White was made aware that the male, identified by his Utah driver's license as 26-year-old Ian Lane John, had been verbally arguing with the female on scene and that his belongings had been removed from the female's vehicle.

Those belongings were grouped together outside of the vehicle on the ground. Close to those belongings, there was a green and purple silicone marijuana pipe.

Officer White asked the female about the item, and she stated that the pipe did not belong to her. He then asked Ian about it, and he stated that it belonged to him and that he just had it for whoever needed to use it. He also stated that the last time he had smoked marijuana was about two days prior, and he usually smokes joints.

In some bags Ian said belonged to him, Officer White found various items typically used to process loose-leaf marijuana and rolling papers. In and around those items were marijuana. It was also discovered multiple containers of THC concentrate that contained residue.

Also, during the search, a small purple bag contained another small purple baggie with a white crystalline substance inside of it and a small black container that held the white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine.

Officer White then informed Ian that he had discovered the suspected methamphetamine among his belongings and placed him into handcuffs. He was then transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked.


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