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Law Enforcement Responds To A Shots-Fired Call In Neola, Ut.

By Travis Uresk


Neola, Ut.- On 6/12/23, Law enforcement responded to a shots-fired call at a residence in the Neola area. The reporting party informed police that she was being accused of flattening a tire at the residence by stabbing it. The accuser, Sarah Kane, was with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Jaden Ross Isaac Fazzio, at his home.

The victim and her niece decided to leave the residence, and while driving out of the driveway, she heard gunshots. The two females believed she and her niece were being shot at.

The victim didn't see who was shooting the gun or if it was in her direction. While leaving, the victim's car got a flat tire; she thought it could have been from the shooting.

The victim drove two miles to the Neola Store on a flat tire, attempting to get help to change her tire. Sarah, Jaden Fazzio, and Samantha pulled into the store as she and her niece sat in the car. Sarah exited the vehicle to engage in a fight with the victim. Sarah then grabbed a softball-sized rock and threw it at the victim's car breaking the driver's side rear passenger side window.

The three occupants left and were later stopped in Ft. Duchesne by BIA officers. Several handguns and illegal drugs were found in their vehicle at the stop, but no one would claim ownership of any of the items found. Among the firearms discovered in the vehicle was a .40 caliber pistol.

Later, Jaden and Samantha were interviewed and witnessed Sarah throw the rock at the victim’s car. Sarah asserted her 5th Amendment right.

Deputy Mathews and other law enforcement personnel arrived at the residence where the shooting occurred, and a .40 caliber casing was found. Also found near this casing were several bullet slug fragments.

It appeared that a gun was fired at the ground, and this bullet may have hit a rock and broken up into several fragments. There was also a live round on the ground next to these bullet fragments.

Jaden Ross Isaac Fazzio

Jaden was interviewed under Miranda, and in a brief statement, Jaden admitted to shooting the pistol while he was at his residence. At first, he said it was accidental but indicated he wanted to pop the tires because the victim had slashed their tires, but he missed.

Jaden told Deputy Mathews his only thought was to shoot the tires but shot at the ground instead, and he was around ten feet away from the victim's vehicle when he fired the pistol. Jaden estimated that the bullets he shot hit the ground around 4 to 5 feet away from the victim's vehicle when she and her niece were driving away.

Jaden said he wasn’t trying to hurt the victim or her niece by shooting, but he wanted to scare them besides shooting their tires out.

While at the Duchesne County Jail, Jaden tested positive for meth, cocaine, and heroin.

Jaden Fazzio is being held without bail.

Officers Respond To A 911 Call Of An Individual Engaging In Drug Use

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 2/22/23, RPD responded to a 911 call to an individual using drugs in the parking lot at the Cottonwood Apartments.

When the Officers arrived, they located an individual in a parked vehicle. The Officer approached a male in the passenger seat, identified as 23-year-old Jaden Ross Isaac Fazzio.

Jaden was moving around erratically and was asked to exit the vehicle. When Jaden got out, Officers saw in plain view a pen that had been disassembled and burnt to be used for drug use.

Jaden Fazzio was placed under arrest. He informed the Officers he had marijuana in one of his pockets and that he smokes pills.

While collecting the marijuana, a small baggie with a blue pill fell to the ground. Once the baggie hit the ground, Fazzio tried to conceal the bag with his foot. Officers stopped him and collected the baggie.

Officers found tinfoil with remains of a burnt blue pill, another baggie, and a burnt marijuana cigarette.

Fazzio said the small blue pill was oxycodone, and it belonged to him, and so did the marijuana.

After searching the vehicle, the Officers found a glass pipe with white residue consistent with methamphetamine.

Jaden Fazzio was booked into the Duchesne County Jail.

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