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Lapoint Man Assaults Woman Over Not Asking If He Needed Anything When She Went To Town

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Nov. 13th, 2022 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Lapoint, Ut.- 11/8/22 Deputy Roth met with the victim at Shirley’s Convenience Store. She told the Deputy the night before, she had gotten into a fight With David Michael Parker.

The Female victim explained that the argument started when David got mad because she wouldn't get him beer and cigarettes.

50-year-old David Parker started yelling at the victim while she was sitting on the couch, trying to ignore him. The victim got up, and David tried to push her out the front door. The victim was able to grab the corner of the wall and get past David but injured her fingers and broke her fingernails in the process.

She took out her phone and told David that she would call the Police. David grabbed her by the throat, squeezing her so hard she began to see stars and felt like she couldn't breathe. David started pushing her from the living room into the kitchen with his hand still around her throat.

David pinned her against the kitchen cabinet and hit her head against the cupboard. She told the Deputy she thought she was going to lose consciousness.

David ripped the phone out of the victim's hand and refused to give it back to her, then he took the car keys to all the vehicles and went outside to hide them from her. The victim didn't find her phone until the morning of 11/8/22 when David left home and went to work.

Deputy Roth could see the injuries to the victim's fingers, the red marks, and the bruising on her neck that indicated David did grab her by force. While speaking with the victim, she received two text messages from David saying that he wanted his stuff and made statements about harming their pets.

While the Deputy was speaking with the victim, they saw David walking down the road coming towards them.

Deputy Roth met with David outside Shirley's and read him his Miranda Rights, and David agreed to speak with the Deputy about the incident. David admitted grabbing the victim by the throat, moving her out of the way, and pushing her against the kitchen cabinets.

David told the Deputy the victim had been giving him grief all week, and he had become tired of it and wanted her gone. David was mad because she had gone to town and didn't ask him if he needed anything.

Deputy Roth asked David about the text messages; he said they were just a joke and threatened the pets because he knew it would upset the victim.

David Michael Parker was arrested and transported to Uintah County Jail and booked for aggravated assault for obstructing the victim's airway and taking the victim's phone away so she couldn't call for help.


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