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Is Little Caesars in Roosevelt a marijuana smoke shop or a pizza place?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 22nd, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 4/1/23, Officer Knight was dispatched to a report of drug activity at Little Caesars. The Officer spoke to the brother of a 16-year-old employee, and he stated his sister was given some marijuana at work.

He stated she was taken to the ER because she started throwing up and acting "out of her mind." The brother stated that a former worker of Little Caesars had called and said that a Jace, Chase, or a Triton had given the 16-year-old the marijuana.

The brother also stated he had heard that the workers at the pizza place were always smoking marijuana in the back of the store.

Officer Knight spoke with two of the workers inside Little Caesars. They admitted that 19-year-old Jase Anthony Burkey, the victim, and another employee had gone outside in the back to smoke marijuana.

The employees also stated that Jase had left and that he had heard the victim had gotten sick. They stated Jase informed his boss about the incident.

Officer Knight explained to the victim's brother that he was investigating the incident.

The Officer then called the victim's mother, and she stated that her daughter had taken marijuana dab wax. The mother also stated her daughter had gone to a friend's house after work for about an hour before she started throwing up, could not stop, and was acting crazy.

The mother said she had taken her daughter to the ER at that point, and she would call Officer Knight and inform him what the hospital told her.

On 4/7/23, Officer Knight spoke with the victim, and she filled out a witness statement. She stated that she had gotten into a friend's car at the Little Caesars and was offered to smoke marijuana. She said that she agreed to it and that her coworker, Jase Burkey, had given her a metal pipe with dab wax.

The 16-year-old stated she thought he had pulled the marijuana out of the car, but she was unsure. She also said that it was Jase that had given her the marijuana.

Jase Burkey was booked into jail on 4/12/23.


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