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Heber Man Turns Himself In For Sexual Abuse Of A Child

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 6th, 2022 | Child Sexual Abuse |

By Travis Uresk


Heber, Ut.- On 11/09/2022, Officer Harvey received a CANR from DCFS stating that Neil Karl was self reporting, touching under age girls in the private areas.

It was found that Neil Jason Karl, identified by UT driver license and date of birth, was asked by the girls therapist to self report what the under aged girls had disclosed to them or they would report it for him.

One girl had disclosed to her therapist that Neil, had been sexually molesting her since the age of 10 or 11.

Neil called in to DCFS on the evening of 11/9/2022 and reported touching the girl, in private areas.

On 11/10/2022, Officer Harvey contacted Neil and asked if he would come to the Sheriffs Office to speak with him about his reporting. Neil agreed and came in shortly after our phone call.

When Neil arrived, he was escorted to the interview room where the interview could be recorded audio and visual. Officer Harvey read Neil Miranda Warning and asked if he understood his rights. Neil said he understood his rights.

Neil started by telling the Officer that he has touched the young female inappropriately.

As he explained the events, he said it may have happened about 12 to 14 times. Neil said mostly all of encounters were just touching of breasts and kissing her. Neil then said he penetrated her private area twice or possibly more with his fingers.

The two events he described, touching her private area, were slight penetration of his finger. Neil pointed to his middle finger at his first knuckle. He said the second time was deeper and Neil pointed to his middle finger at the second knuckle.

Neil then explained the first time he touched the young female was when she just turned 13 and it continued for about a year. Neil said it happened about 12 to 14 times and mostly he just kissed and touched her breasts. The first time, Neil said he rubbed her back and sides, then moved to her breasts.

Neil said he would kiss her back and shoulders then kiss on her breasts and private area. He said he did not penetrate her when he kissed her private area and kiss around it as well.

The second time, Neil explained he rubbed her breasts again and did not go any further.

The 3rd time, Neil rubbed her breasts and private area with his hands and slightly penetrated her with his finger.

The 4th time, He then explained the other times were mostly just touching and kissing her breasts. Neil also disclosed that he touched another younger female when she was hitting puberty. He said he rubbed her back but she got uncomfortable.

He said he did not touch her anymore and did not do anything to her, like he did to the other victim. He said the first under age girl told him, we cant do this anymore. Neil said he did it one more time after that and told her they had to stop.

I told Neil that he was under arrest. I placed cuffs on Neil and double locked them. Officer Harvey then escorted him to the jail, where he was booked.

Officer Harvey then went to interview the victim at the Children's Justice Center. The girl disclosed that Neil had touched her breasts and private area, under the clothes. She said it made her very uncomfortable and she did not understand why he was doing it because she was so young.

This took place 4 years ago, when she was 13 years old. I am charging Neil Karl with: AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD 76-5-404.3(3) F1 x2 for the touching of the victims breasts in the first two events OBJECT RAPE OF A CHILD 76-5-402.3(3) F1 x2 for penetration of his finger into victims vagina on the two events described SODOMY ON A CHILD 76-5-403.1(3) F1 for kissing her vagina on one event described.


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