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Female makes dangerous threats to UHP Trooper while sitting in the back of patrol vehicle

By Travis Uresk


Uintah Co. Ut.- On 6/10/23, A vehicle was traveling West on US-40 near milepost 171 at speeds of 77 mph. UHP Trooper Major stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver, who stated she didn't have her driver's license.

The female driver identified herself as 28-year-old Mara Ashley Anderson. While the Trooper was at the window, he smelled the distinct odor of marijuana and alcohol coming from the vehicle.

Trooper Major asked Mara if she would consent to the field sobriety testing, and she said she would.

“Tests were conducted on adequately flat and dry asphalt on the shoulder of the road. I asked her if she had any medical issues. She stated she was in a car accident a few years ago and occasionally went to physical therapy with an issue with her hips. She could not provide any additional details about her injury. She appeared to be able to walk, stand, and balance normally as we talked."

"I performed the field sobriety testing and observed several official and unofficial clues for impairment. I observed at least 4/8 clues on the nine-step walk and turn and at least 1/4 clues on the one-leg stand. I observed several other indicators of impairment with ARIDE tests. Her entire demeanor seemed sped up. She also had a hard time cognitively understanding basic questions and instructions. She had to be reminded several times of instructions."

“At the conclusion of the tests, I felt she was too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle. I placed her under physical custody arrest and secured her in my vehicle.”

While Mara was sitting in the back of the patrol vehicle, she began to threaten the Trooper. She told him, "We live in a small town and will see each other again. We would see each other at church, the market, or the grocery store, and how that could be dangerous."

She said he was making an enemy, and after a lengthy speech where she went into more detail. The Trooper asked if she was threatening me. She stated it wasn't a threat but a promise.

A search of the vehicle were two open alcohol containers that were partially full. Also, there was a container from a marijuana dispensary with today's date and a partially smoked marijuana joint in the center console. There were several other marijuana joints with burnt ends throughout the vehicle.

A records check showed her driver’s license out of South Carolina had been suspended, and she didn’t have a valid medical marijuana card out of Utah.

When she asked about the blood draw, the Trooper explained how the warrant works. Mara stated, "I'm stoned, you retard."

While waiting for the blood draw warrant, she again started getting agitated. She stated, "I'm not the bitch you want to mess with. You better hope there's a God that can save all of you from me."

Mara Anderson had two warrants for her arrest, one of which was a no-bail warrant.

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