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During A Search Warrant In Roosevelt, Ut. Police Find A Large Amount of Marijuana and $40,000.00

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 8th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 12/27/2022, at 3:17 pm, Detective Kirkham assisted with a search warrant which the on-call Judge approved for Officer J. Harrison for the residences located at 480 E 200 N.

As they cleared the residence, a male, who was later identified as 19-year-old Julian James Mcallister, came out of a bedroom behind a locked door. After the home was deemed safe, Julian and Detective Kirkham returned to his room. Julian was provided his Miranda right, which he informed he understood.

Detective Kirkham asked Julian what was in the gun safe. Julian informed him there was marijuana and guns.

The safe was opened, and a large amount of marijuana was located in the safe. This was clearly not for personal use. Julian admitted to selling the marijuana. There were three rifles located inside the safe behind the marijuana.

Julian estimated he would sell to an average of three people a day, Monday through Friday, for approximately the past year.

At the bottom of the safe, another safe was opened. Inside this safe, there was a large sum of money. Julian estimated there to be approximately 40,000.00 dollars but no more than 42,000.00.

Detective Kirkham asked assisting Officers to search the room, which they did.

Julian was taken into custody and transported to the police department.

The assisting officers informed Detective Kirkham they located two beers in Julian's closet during the search and more marijuana.

Julian agreed to consent to a search for his phone. Julian and Detective Kirkham went through his phone, and he pointed out more than ten people with whom he had sold marijuana.

Julian told Detective Kirkham people would use social media platforms to ask him for marijuana. Julian said he would then place the marijuana in a vehicle in his carport, which he had video surveillance on, and the person buying the marijuana would come to pick up the marijuana and leave the money.

Julian said this is how he liked to sell his marijuana that way, he did not have to travel with it.

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