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Duchesne Man Charged With Rape Of A Child, Among Other Charges

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 31st, 2022 | Sexual Abuse |

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne, Ut.- On 4/13/21, Officer Carl Reilley was contacted by DCSF regarding a sexual assault incident involving a 15-year-old female victim. Officer Reilley was present during the forensic interview with the victim.

During this interview, the 15-year-old female said that 51-year-old Michael Charles Mclain had sexually assaulted and raped her from 2009 to 2019 multiple times over those years.

The young girl said the assaults and rape happened in Duchesne, Utah, and started when she was four or five years old.

In one incident, Micheal entered her bedroom and took her doll out of her hands. She thought Micheal was going to put her to bed for the night, but he started touching her leg. He then began kissing and touching her in her lower region area.

Micheal then started taking the little girl's clothes off, and she said, "what are you doing?" She remembers being scared. He laid her down on the bed and started touching her all over her little body.

She said he then he got on top of her, she tried to push him away, and yelled her mom's name, and Micheal stopped and left her room. She put her clothes back on, went into the corner of the room, and cried because she was scared. She told Officer Reilly she believed she was in kindergarten when this incident occurred.

This time Micheal came into her bedroom and shut the door behind him. The victim said this time; it was quick. He wasn't even trying to go slow anymore. He quickly and forcefully took off her clothes. She said she tried to stop him but couldn't. She was trying to get him to stop the entire time. The victim said she physically tried to get away and get him off of her, but he just got more aggressive with the small girl.

The victim told Officer Reilley, "he fully raped me." She said Micheal held her hands above her head while she was telling him, "get off me!" The little girl couldn't move because he had her pinned down and holding her hands over her head.

The victim said she just lay there and cried until he was done, and he left her room. She said it was very painful. This incident occurred when she was between 9 and 11 years old.

The little girl told Officer Reilly another time, when she was 9 to 11 years old, she was in the basement on the couch playing XBOX. Micheal walked through the basement door, and he smelled like marijuana like he always did. He walked over to the victim, started taking off her clothes, pinned her arms down again, and then raped her. She said he was doing it quicker, like he was in a hurry. She had the remote controller for the XBOX in her hand and hit him in the shoulder with it, but he grabbed it away from her and threw it.

She tried to fight him off of her but was not able to. Again she lay there crying. When he was done, she rolled him off her, and she left and went to a friend's house.

The victim said she was downstairs another time, and Micheal called her to come upstairs, and when she did, Micheal raped her on the couch in the living room. She said this time, "I am just done with everything." She was furious, so she put her clothes back on and ran to her bedroom.

When she got a little older and stronger, she could fight him off, and Micheal didn't do it again after that.

The victim said that one of the last times was when she was 11 years old when Micheal tried to "take" her. She said she learned from her friends how to defend herself without telling them why she wanted to know.

This time Michael grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. The little girl kneed him in the groin several times and was able to get away from him. She told Micheal, "if you don't get out of my room, I will shoot you!" The brave 11-year-old said Micheal left, went, got drunk, and didn't return to her room.

During this investigation, Officer Reilley was told Micheal Charles Mclain had moved out of the state of Utah to California and had no success in contacting Micheal at this date.

The good news is Micheal Charles Mclain is in jail now for this crime and other crimes that I will list below.

Michael Charles Mclain Charged with Violating A Protective Order

Michael Charles Mclain 2015

On October 22, 2021, Officer Reed was dispatched to a protective order violation. Officer Reed called and spoke with the victim, who informed him that Michael McLain had violated a protective order that was in place involving her children.

The victim informed Officer Reed that her parents received a letter from Michael, who was incarcerated at the Duchesne County Jail. The victim said her parent's physical address was listed on the protective.

The protective order also states that Michael is not allowed direct or indirect contact with his children. The letter asked the victim to ask her parents to tell his children that he would be going to prison, where he would most likely die.

Michael also asked to be a part of his children's lives and would do whatever it took.

Michael's attempt to contact his children through the victims parent's violates the protective order put in place by the 8th District Juvenile Court.

Michael McLain is charged with one count of Violation of a Protective Order.

Michael Charles Mclain Charged with Violating A Protective Order, Again

Michael Charles Mclain 2015

On 10-25-2021, Officer Bulow was dispatched to a report of a protective order violation. Officer Bulow called and spoke with the person who told him that Michael McLain, had violated a protective order involving their children.

Officer Bulow met with the caller, and she showed him the letter sent to her by Michael, who is incarcerated at the Duchesne County Jail, and showed him that it was addressed to her physical address and not a mailing address.

She stated that this physical address is listed in the protective order as a place he cannot go around, which is the only way he would know about that address. The protective order also forbids Michael from having direct or indirect contact with the children.

Officer Bulow saw in the letter that he asked the caller to allow him to see the kids again without a lawyer present and her without co-parenting. He asked her to bring them to jail for visitation or to have them write a letter or paint a picture for him.

Michael's attempt at indirect communication with the children through the caller violates the protective order established by the 8th District Juvenile Court.

Officer Bulow spoke with Michael in the jail briefly, and he admitted to sending the letter to the caller and that he was the one that wrote it. Officer Bulow told him that his attempt to get the children to come to see him or write him a letter violated the order and that he would be charged for it.

Michael is charged with one count of Violation of a Protective Order (Utah Criminal Code 76-5-108(1)), a Class A Misdemeanor.

Michael Charles Mclain Charged With Possession Within A Correctional Facility

Michael Charles Mclain 2015

On 06/02/22 at approximately 10:04 am, Sgt Nichols was advised by corrections staff employed by the Duchesne County Jail they had received information that methamphetamine may have been brought into the correctional facility inside Bravo block.

Staff suspected SR may be responsible and requested Sgt Nichols bring his K-9 into the jail to search. Corrections staff removed all inmates from Bravo block and allowed Sgt Nichols to deploy his K-9, Xen.

Xen searched the block, showing interest when he was alerted near the toilet stalls, where he closed his mouth, lifted his head, and began to sniff intently but continued to walk past the stalls. Xen indicated positively on a bunk belonging to CM, which was directly below SR's bunk (SR had the top bunk.) Immediately next to CM's bunk was Michael Mclain's bunk.

All three bunks were searched, but they did not locate anything of interest. Corrections staff searched the toilet stalls, where a small clear baggie containing a white crystal substance was located in an otherwise empty toilet paper roll.

Sgt Nichols attempted to interview Michael Mclain, who insisted he did not want to talk to me, saying he would "plead the 5th." Sgt Nichols did not advise him of his Miranda rights as Sgt Nichols did not ask any questions beyond his personal information.

Sgt Nichols requested only his name and date of birth and informed him of what he might be charging him with; possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility.

Michael responded without inquiry that he could not be charged with "possession" because he never posed any drug and had only "used" the drug, stating that he snorted it.

Corrections staff also informed me that Michael had admitted to them and had used methamphetamine while in the facility.

Sgt Nichols charged Michael with one count of possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility, a 3rd-degree felony.

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