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Utah LDS Counselor Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Aug. 18th 2022 | Roosevelt, Ut. |

By Travis Uresk

Aug. 18th, 2022

Roosevelt, Ut.- Cesar Onton was arrested in February of this year for inappropriately touching underage girls in the Bishop's office in the church he attends at 32 south State Street in Roosevelt.

It started when Onton had made arrangements with the girl’s father to practice a Peruvian dance. The agreement between the father and Cesar was to be practiced at his house or with the father present.

The victim stated she was pulled out of Sunday school class by Onton and taken to the Bishop's office. After entering the office, Cesar locked the door behind them and said, "this room is sacred, and the room is like Vegas; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Cesar also told the 11-year-old girl not to tell her parents about being in the room with him.

While still locked inside the Bishop's office, Cesar told the victim that this was not the dance they would perform for the festival. Cesar pulled the little girl close to him and started dancing with her, she tried to push him away, but Onton just pulled her closer and tighter to his body while groping her.

The second time this happened, Cesar again pulled the victim from Sunday school, took her back into the Bishop's office, and asked her if she had told anyone about what had happened the week before. Again, Cesar Onton began to dance with the victim very closely, but this time she noticed he was getting aroused while dancing with her and groping her.

The third time was after church in the Sunday school room with another young girl in the room. This time was the dance to be performed at the festival. The victim stated that Cesar grabbed her to the position he wanted and began to touch her inappropriately.

Another 13-year-old female victim told police that Cesar had taken her into the Bishop's office and showed her a provocative and sexual video.

Cesar told the victim that this video was not the dance they would perform in front of the branch. The victim said Onton sat behind the desk and thanked her for helping and that they were going to practice their Peruvian dances and this room is a sacred room, "we don't talk about what happens in here; it's like Vegas and what happens in here stays in here." The victim told the officer that when they danced, it was body to body, and it wasn't anything like in the Peruvian dance video they showed her.

The last time was in the Sunday school room after church. They danced, and Cesar touched her inappropriately. When the officer asked how it made her feel, she said, "terrible and anxious about going to church."

Cesar was transported to the Duchesne County Sheriff's and was booked on five counts of Sexual abuse of a child, Aggravated Sexual Abuse due to his position of trust.

Order Of Release:

These are the crimes against children in the Uintah Basin I found just today:

If you or anyone you know is being sexually abused call your local Police Department. You don't need to suffer or be put through any of this. These people are SICK and EVIL!! No matter what these abusive people tell you, it's not your fault. If you feel like it's wrong talk to someone don't feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak up if you are being abused sexually, physically or mentally. There are people here to help you.

Here are some numbers to call if you need some help in the Uintah Basin area:

Friends Against Family Violence:

24 hour Crisis Hotline: (435) 781-2264

Business Office: (435) 781-0613

National Domestic Violence Hotline:

National Sexual Assault Hotline: Confidential 24/7 Support

24/7, confidential crisis support

for Veterans and their loved ones


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