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Drunk Driver Collides Into The Back Of A Car, Then Speeds Off


Naples—On 3/23/24, Officer McGaha received call notes of a hit-and-run in which a black F-150 collided with a vehicle at 1700 South and 1500 East.

A witness stated that the black Ford swerved to change lanes but collided with the rear of a passenger car with a local family. Witnesses said they thought the driver would pull over but sped off at a high speed.

One witness stated the Ford had passed him on the right, then cut in front of him, colliding with the rear of the sedan. All witnesses stated the same thing. All but one ensured the occupants were safe.

One witness followed the truck onto 2500 South westbound where the driver stopped near 1100 East where the driver remained inside the truck until officers arrived.

Officer McGaha met with Cpl Johnstun, who stated he had approached the driver of the black truck, who was still in the driver's seat. He asked him to step out of the vehicle due to the fact it was apparent the driver was intoxicated.

When the driver, who was identified by his Utah driver's license as 22-year-old Kollin Michael Reeves, went to exit the vehicle, he fell to the ground, causing scrapes on his right elbow. An empty alcohol shot container also fell out of the truck with Kollin.

When Officer McGaha spoke with Kollin, "His speech was slurred as if his tongue was swollen or maybe he had marbles in his mouth." “I observed his eyes were glossy and bloodshot. I observed him sway while standing. I observed the empty alcohol shot container next to the truck that had been reported as falling out of the driver's floorboard onto the ground."

Kollin was asked if he would perform the voluntary SFST's, and he stated he would and said do what you need to do.


HGN- I observed 6 of 6 clues with a clue of vertical Nystagmus. This means the driver had drunk more than they normally do. I observed equal pupil size, tracking, and did not observe any signs of illness. I observed a lack of smooth pursuit, Nystagmus at maximum deviation, and onset prior to 45 degrees in each eye. I continued to observe the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and bloodshot glossy eyes.

WAT- I observed 5 of 8 clues. I observed him step out of the starting position and stand swaying while the instructions and demonstration were conducted. I observed him stumble and attempt to make heel-to-toe contact. He would step and then attempt to slide his foot to contact the front of the other but missed. His heel-to-toe steps were approximately 6 inches in front of his other foot. He stepped offline with every step while attempting to ensure contact with his heel to toe. He took 10 steps in each direction, then at the end, clarified you said 10 steps, right? Due to the improper number of steps, he turned to the right vs. the left, as he would have if the steps had been done correctly.

OLS- I observed 4 of 4 clues. I did not have him complete the test due to his safety, and I attempted to prevent him from falling again. I observed him attempt to raise his left foot, then place it down multiple times, and ask a clarifying question about how to count. He then picked his foot back up and counted over. He counted to the count of 6, counting other numbers multiple times.

On the portable breath test, Kollin blew a .278 BrAC.

Kollin was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of a collision.

Kollin claimed he didn’t remember leaving the scene of an accident. He said he was golfing before and had a drink. As he was being placed in handcuffs and put in the back of the patrol vehicle, his parents showed up on scene.

Officer McGaha asked Kollin’s mother if he could search the truck to make sure nothing was in the vehicle since he stated he had smoked marijuana at one point. The registered owner of the black Ford stated the officer could look inside.

“There was fresh damage to the front left side of the truck with parts hanging down. I took digital pictures of this. I located and photographed the empty shot container and a gone bottle of peach Crown Royal in the driver's floorboard. There was paperwork strewn across the driver compartment."

The truck was then released to Kollin’s father on the scene.

While at the Uintah County Jail, Officer McGaha performed a Baker mouth check. Officer McGaha is a certified BAC operator, and during the Baker observation time, the officer did not observe Kollin vomit, burp, or report anything of the sort to him.

Due to the high level of alcohol in Kollin's system, Officer McGaha transported him to the Ashley Regional Medical Center for medical clearance.

Kollin was read his Miranda Rights and asked the start of the DUI Packet interview. Kollin declined to speak.

Kollin Reeves was booked into the UCSO Jail for DUI 1st offense in 10 years 41-6a-502 (1)+(2A) (MB), Fail to comply duties at vehicle accident 41-6a-401 (MB), and Open Container in a vehicle 41-6a-526 (MC).

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.



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