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Domestic violence starts over a cellphone

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 14th, 2023 | Domestic Violence & Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Altamont, Ut.- On 4/10/23, Deputy Gurr responded to a domestic violence call in the Altamont area. Dispatch advised that the parties had been pushing and shoving each other but were now separated.

The Deputy arrived at the residence and met with the male, identified as 42-year-old Kevin Paul Barney, who was outside.

Kevin explained that the victim was inside the house and had gotten into a fight. Kevin stated he wanted to give his daughter her cell phone back for her birthday, and the victim got upset and said, "It was unfair for the child to receive the phone contrary to the family rules.

Kevin grabbed the phone, and the victim grabbed his medication bag. He stated that he agreed to put the phone back in exchange for his medications being returned to him. Kevin stated the female returned the bag to him, and he took both the bag and the cell phone and attempted to leave.

The victim noticed Kevin had picked up the phone and tried to grab the medication bag back from Kevin.

Kevin has paralysis that affects his left leg, and he stated that during the struggle for the bag, he fell, and the female fell with him. Kevin stated that the female was hitting him repeatedly, and he tried to defend himself by punching her twice in the forehead.

Kevin said he was then able to stand up, and the victim said she was going to call the police, and he went outside while she called.

Deputy Gurr asked Kevin if he was injured, and he said that he doesn't bruise and he didn't have any injuries. Kevin did a quick self-check and realized he had a small scrape on his left elbow. He said the scrape was likely from when he fell during the incident. The Deputy didn't see any marks, redness, or any skin irritation anywhere on Kevin's body. Kevin didn't complain of any pain due to the incident.

Deputy Gurr entered the residence and spoke to the victim, and he noticed she had been injured during the incident. The Deputy saw that her shirt was ripped, and she had swelling by her left eyebrow that extended from her left eye to her hairline.

The victim's story matched Kevin's, and she confirmed they both fell, and she scraped her back on a piece of concrete connected to the wall. The scrape was about 4" to 6" long, located near her right shoulder, and looked to be recent.

The victim stated she continued to try to retrieve the bag from Kevin, and she said that is when he punched her in the forehead twice. After being punched, she stopped trying to take the bag away from Kevin. She mentioned that Kevin accused her of hitting him, and she stated she never hit Kevin at all.

Kevin was believed to be lying about the female hitting him due to him not having any marks and not complaining of pain.

Kevin Barney was transported to the UBMC for medical clearance and then to the Duchesne County Jail, where he was booked.


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