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BIA stopped to check a vehicle with no lights on parked on the side of US-40, female gets arrested

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 14th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Uintah, Co.- On 3/20/23, at around 11:30 pm, UHP Trooper Shaw was dispatched on an agency assist on US-40 near mile marker post 117. BIA had stopped to check on a vehicle parked on the side of the road in the fog with no lights on.

The occupants in the vehicle appeared nervous and attempted to cover up items inside the vehicle.

The vehicle's driver stated his name as Thomas Wolsey to BIA Officer Foster. Thomas was the vehicle's registered owner, and it was later discovered this was not the driver's identity. The driver is unknown.

The driver consented to a vehicle search, a glass pipe with burnt white powder inside consistent with methamphetamine, and several clear baggies with a white crystal-like substance inside. These items were found in the center console of the vehicle.

While continuing the search of the vehicle, tinfoil with a burnt brown tar substance was found on the passenger side door, in the glove box, and in the cup holder. Several small baggies with white residue were inside on the passenger side floor and in the glove box.

Trooper Shaw found two broken glass pipes with burnt white residue inside a duffle bag in the back seat, with male clothing. A small yellow scale with tin foil, a torch lighter, and several more small clear and blue baggies were also found inside the duffle bag.

There was also an orange prescription bottle with no label on the bottle with several white oval pills inside found inside the duffle bag.

The driver stated he was buying the vehicle and it belonged to him, and all of the drugs and drug paraphernalia found inside the vehicle, both the driver and passenger said, was not theirs.

Anya Kurdyukova Olsen

Most of the drug content and drug paraphernalia were within reach of both the driver and the passenger. The driver and passenger stated they had abused meth and heroin in the past, and it has been approximately a week since their last use.

The 36-year-old Anya Kurdyukova Olsen passenger was arrested and transported to Uintah County Jail, where she was booked on the charges of possession of a controlled substance two counts and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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