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AP&P do a follow-up on a probationer and find incriminating text messages on his phone


On 1/3/24, in Roosevelt, Utah, Officer Reed responded to 315 E 300 S to assist AP&P with a follow-up.

When Officer Reed arrived, he was informed by the Agents that they were doing a follow-up on 32-year-old Christopher James Gaddis, who is on probation with AP&P.

During the follow-up, Gaddis admitted that he had been using drugs the last couple of days. The agent stated while searching through Gaddis's phone, he found some text messages saying that Gaddis was assisting people in purchasing drugs.

The agent said Gaddis was texting people to arrange for them to buy drugs from individuals who live locally. Gaddis also said he would help sellers in the area find buyers for their drugs.

While the agent spoke with Gaddis, other officers searched his residence. During the search, a large 14-inch knife was found. Gaddis stated that he knew about the knife because he was going to sharpen it for the owner. Also, during the search, a pack of THC strips was located inside the residence.

Christopher Gaddis was arrested and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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