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An Inmate tries pulling another inmate's bedding off his bunk after being punched



Vernal, Ut- At around 11:00 am at the Uintah County Jail, an Inmate in one of the Pods pushed the speaker button. Deputy Arias checked the camera footage and saw all the Inmates huddled in the dorm area.

The Inmates were huddled around Inmate 25-year-old Lane Bow Hunt, with Inmate Dylan McCrorey walking into the day room. Deputy Arias went to the section and began to speak with Inmate McCrorey, who had a red mark on the left side of his cheek as if he had been hit.

While the deputy spoke with the inmate about what had happened, Inmate Hunt came out of the dorm area and began yelling at Inmate McCrorey, "Come on, let's go, let's finish this!"

Deputy Arias ordered Inmate Hunt to sit down and continued to speak with Inmate McCrorey.

Inmate McCrorey stated that Inmate Hunt needed to go because he was masturbating in his bed where everyone could see it, and it was disgusting. He also stated that Inmate Hunt punched him because he was pulling Inmate Hunt’s bedding off his bunk.

All the inmates were ordered to sit on their bunks, and the dorm room door was secured.

Deputy Arias began to speak with Inmate Hunt and asked him his side of the story. He stated that the other Inmates were upset because he was playing with himself, and he was told to "Roll up." Inmate Hunt said, "He wasn't going to roll up, and if they didn't like it, they could move."

Inmate Hunt stated he saw Inmate McCrorey touching his stuff, so he punched him. Inmate Hunt was pulled out of the section and spoken to by multiple other deputies about the incident.

Deputy Arias asked Inmate McCrorey to tell him the story in full again, and he stated that Inmate Hunt was masturbating while in his (Inmate Hunts) bunk. Inmate McCrorey stated this was an issue when Inmate Hunt was originally moved into the section. Inmate Hunt asked Inmate Hunt not to do that in the bunk area and told him he needed to do it in private in the shower. Inmate McCrorey said he confronted Inmate Hunt in the day room of the section and told him he needed to roll up and move out of the section. Inmate Hunt said he wasn't going to and that Inmate McCrorey needed to move out of the section. Inmate McCrorey stated that he walked back to Inmate Hunt's bunk and began pulling his bedding off of Inmate Hunt's bunk; Inmate Hunt came in and punched him in the face, and a fight broke out until the other Inmates in the section broke it up.

Inmate Lane Hunt was charged with assault by a prisoner.

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