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A Woman Has Too Much To Drink At The Bar, And Throws Beer Bottles Through A Window

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 1st, 2023 | Criminal Mischief & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 2/24/2023, Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to a disorderly taking place at the Gateway Saloon. Dispatch stated that the employees at the bar reported that a female had broken a window and was threatening to get physical with the workers.

Dispatch advised that the female was wearing a plaid jacket with a black hoodie and had gone outside the bar.

Deputy Russell arrived with VPD Officers O'Donnal, Elmer, and Sergeant Roth, who were outside speaking to a female that was yelling about how old she was.

Deputy Russell made contact with a witness who stated that he had seen Ila Curry break the window. The witness said that he had been walking off the dance floor when he heard glass shattering, so he turned around and returned to the dance floor, where he saw Ila throwing a bottle through the glass window.

Ila Curry

The witness said he told her she needed to leave, and he and another man escorted her out of the bar. The witness estimated the cost of the two windows to be approximately $600.

Deputy Russell was able to see where Ila had broken both the inner and outer glass of the bar window and obtained video footage from the bartender at the time of the incident via email.

In the video, Deputy Russell could see Ila, who matches the description given, smashing the window with a beer bottle, then she took another beer bottle from a man standing near her and threw it through the second window.

Ila was arrested and handcuffed with two sets of handcuffs behind her back.

Sergeant Hill and Deputy Russell escorted Ila to Sergeant Hill's patrol vehicle.

During the search of Ila, before placing her in the back seat of Sergeant Hill's patrol vehicle, they found a small vape pen in Ila’s front pocket. Ila was then told to step up into the vehicle.

Ila refused to step up into the patrol truck and became limp and sat down on the ground outside the truck, and continued to yell and ask why she was being arrested. Deputy Russell explained to Ila why she was being arrested multiple times, and she was told that if she continued to not comply, she was going to be charged with resisting.

Sergeant Hill, Officer O'Donnal, and Deputy Russell were able to lift Ila from the ground and place her in the back seat of Sergeant Hill's patrol vehicle, where she was then transported to the Uintah County Jail by Sergeant Hill.

The vape pen found in Ila's pocket appeared to be a cartridge containing THC due to some research on the company that made the cartridge and the smell being consistent with that of marijuana.


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