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A Woman Gives A Stranger A Ride, Gets Scared, Then Takes Him To Her Apartment


| Vernal, Ut. | June 6th, 2024 |

Vernal City Police Cpl. Young was dispatched to a criminal trespassing detail at the Twin Cedar Apartments at 250 North 200 West in Vernal.

The victim told dispatch that an intoxicated male stranger, later identified as 27-year-old Erik Marquez-Reyna, was in her apartment with her children and wouldn't leave after she asked him.

When Cpl. Young arrived, there were two males on the apartment's porch. Erik would not tell the officer his name or if he was supposed to be at the address.

Cpl. Young contacted the victim, who stated that she had left with her children before the police arrived but described Erik by his clothing. The police were able to confirm that Erik was the intoxicated male who was trespassing in her apartment.

While Cpl. Young was speaking with the victim. Erik became agitated with assisting officers and began to display disorderly behavior. Erik was asked to cease but continued to engage in a threatening behavior and was detained in handcuffs.

Erik had a difficult time standing without swaying. His speech was slow and slurred, and he had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person when he spoke.

The victim stated she was driving with her children and saw Erik walking on the side of the road with a suitcase. She said she felt sorry for him, so she offered Erik some food and a ride. Erik accepted and entered her vehicle. The victim drove Erik around the block, and he refused to exit her vehicle after she asked him to.

The victim stated she could tell he was intoxicated and "off." The victim wanted to keep Erik from getting upset while she was with her children, so she drove to her residence, and Erik followed her and her children inside her apartment. The victim told Erik to leave multiple times, and Erik told her he couldn't because he had PTSD and was medicated too heavily.

The victim convinced her children to leave and go to the neighbor's home to jump on their trampoline. After they left, Erik came into the kitchen and began telling the victim that he "wanted to fuck." He grabbed the victim's buttocks over her clothing. The victim stated she was extremely uncomfortable, and it caused her alarm.

She tried to remain calm and didn't want to agitate him, so she convinced Erik to leave with her to run errands. Erik went with her and her children to her boyfriend's residence, but her boyfriend was away. She stated that while at the residence, Erik began telling her how "hot" she was.

He then reached for her breasts over her clothing, and she told him to stop. This also caused the victim distress. The victim stated that Erik then attempted to "forcefully kiss" her, but she yelled at him and was able to stop him the first time.

Erik attempted to kiss her again and was able to pull her to him, then forced his tongue inside her mouth. The victim said she felt she could get her and her kids out of the situation safely if she picked up a male friend to help her. The victim left with Erik again, and after running more errands, they returned to the apartment. On the way to her apartment, she picked up a male friend and tried to "drop hints" that she felt she was in danger.

She eventually stopped at a convenience store and quietly told her male friend about the situation. When they arrived back at her apartment, the male friend was able to convince Erik to sit on the porch with him. The victim used this opportunity to get her children out of the home and call 9-1-1.

After Erik was arrested, the victim returned to her apartment. She stated that Erik had left several bags in the bed of her truck. When the victim showed Cpl. Young the bags, there was a glass pipe containing suspected burnt marijuana residue and a black container containing suspected marijuana sitting outside one of the bag's opened pockets.

While booking the bags into the Vernal City Police Department, more suspected marijuana was located in a pocket. A driver's license ID belonging to Erik Marquez was in the same bag.

Erik Marquez was booked into the Uintah County Jail and may post bail in the amount of $5,000.

1nationjustice opinion is there is a lot more to this story. I think this female could be trying hide something and came up with this mess of a story. She could have driven to the police station a few blocks away. He didn't have a weapon or threaten to kill or hurt her in that form. I'm unsure why she drove him to her apartment 3 or 4 times, or went to the neighbors, got her kids, and put them in the car with this man again when she claimed she was "afraid" of him.

If she was afraid and wanted to keep her kids safe, she should have left them with the neighbor. One would think anyway. I can't understand driving Erik all over town. It doesn't all the way make sense to me.

I wouldn't pick up a stranger and take them home with me to feed them to begin with. I would go home and then take them some food.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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