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A woman gets dragged out of her own home, thrown to the ground on camera, and she gets arrested.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 6/19/22, a complainant called dispatch, stating his wife had been physically violent with him, and he made her leave home. The female had left on foot in an unknown direction.

Cpl. Johnstun arrived on the scene and met with the husband, and he told Johnstun that his wife 32-year-old Jessica Bankston, had done a child exchange with her ex-husband earlier, and doing so was difficult on Jessica because she did not like seeing her daughter go.

When Jessica got home, she began cleaning and "throwing fits."

Her husband pointed out several items thrown around the living room and kitchen, where she took the cast iron stove burners and threw them across the kitchen into the room where his son was sitting. Jessica broke a glass cup by slamming it into the sink and attempted to cut her wrist with a broken piece of glass.

The husband was trying to ignore Jessica while helping his son make cookies, and while putting a bowl of brown sugar in the microwave, Jessica slammed the microwave door on his arm, spilling the brown sugar. At this point, he grabbed Jessica and took her outside to keep anything else from happening.

A knock at the front door was heard, and Jessica was standing outside. Cpl. Jphnstun went outside to speak with her, and she stated she did a child exchange with her ex-husband, and when she returned home, she started cleaning the house.

Jessica stated her husband hadn't been very good to her for a while, and he and his son were making breakfast, and Jessica told him to clean up. Jessica stated her husband told her to clean it up, and she started cleaning in an "angry way."

Jessica said her husband dragged her outside, and the doorbell camera should have shown the incident. She said her husband locked her out, and Jessica went to the back of the house and asked her husband to get "my documents," and he refused. She stated her husband told her she needed "time off."

Jessica waited outside until the police arrived, and Cpl. Johnstun asked her about the broken glass cup, and she stated she broke it accidentally while washing the dishes. She denied ever attempting to cut herself with a broken piece of glass. Jessica did point out abrasions on her right ankle and arms as well as a bump on her head. Jessica said the injuries occurred when her husband threw her outside the house.

Cpl. Johnstun returned to speak with the husband and asked if there would be any video recording of the incident, and he stated just the doorbell camera. He attempted to access the doorbell camera footage but said he didn't have access. Johnstun asked him about the injuries to Jessica, and he stated when he dragged her outside, she was trying to hang on to him while he was trying to get her out the door but wouldn't let go.

The husband said Jessica was verbally abusive to the children during the incident, and he was concerned that one of the children would get hurt when Jessica was throwing things. The husband pointed out a scratch on his right foot and indicated it was from Jessica.

Cpl. Johnstun spoke with the husband's son, and he stated he was making breakfast for his dad for Father's Day. He stated Jessica became angry because she thought she would have to clean up after him. The son stated Jessica was slamming stuff around everywhere, and Jessica threw the cast iron stove tops, and his dad grabbed her arm and threw her outside. The son said Jessica yelled, "I dare you to hit me."

Jessica accessed the doorbell camera and found the footage of the incident. The video begins with Jessica on the ground on the front porch holding onto her husband's legs and him trying to get her to let go of him. The husband broke free of Jessica's grip and ran toward the door. Jessica gets up and runs toward the door as well. A struggle occurred, but it was out of view of the camera. It shows the husband spinning and throwing Jessica on the ground, and he runs into the residence.

Cpl. Johnstun asked the son if he knew what had happened with the microwave, and the son stated he did. His dad was trying to soften the brown sugar, and Jessica purposely slammed the microwave door on his arm.

Jessica denied slamming the microwave door on her husband's arm. She stated nothing happened with the microwave. She was doing the dishes when her husband grabbed her and dragged her outside.

Cpl. Johnstun determined Jessica was the predominant aggressor in this incident, and placed her under arrest, and transported her to the Uintah County Jail.


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