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A Woman Barricades Herself Inside A Bedroom Over Night In Fear Of Her Boyfriend

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 15th, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Altamont, Ut.- On 3/10/23, Deputy Cox was dispatched to the Altamont Trailer Park of a report from a male saying his girlfriend hit him with a metal pole and barricaded herself in a bedroom.

When the Deputy arrived, a man, identified as 43-year-old Suliasi Fili Hufanga was standing outside. He said his girlfriend was mad at him for an incident involving another woman the day before. He said his girlfriend hit him in the head with the metal pole when they got home.

Suliasi Fili Hufanga

Deputy Cox saw a bump on his forehead. He said this occurred about 6 hours earlier, and he also had marks on his forearm. The male stated that she then barricaded herself in a bedroom with all the property she had stored from when she recently moved in.

The Deputy went inside the home and announced himself, and the female answered from one of the rooms. She appeared very emotional and afraid to come out of the bedroom. She thought Suliasi was still inside.

The female said she had barricaded herself inside the room the night before because she feared Suliasi.

Deputy Cox said in the affidavit "that the female had put so much property in front of the door that I had to go outside the home and climb in through the window." "When I got to the window, I saw that she had a sign on the window that said, Help me."

Deputy Cox removed several items so they could exit the room.

The female began to tell the Deputy what had happened to cause her to barricade herself inside the bedroom.

She said they were at the bowling alley yesterday, and it went well. When they returned home, they began to argue when Suliasi admitted to speaking with other women. They were in the kitchen because she was cooking when Suliasi threw her animals outside.

The female was trying to bring her animals back into the home while they were still arguing. Then Suliasi's body slammed her on the ground causing pain to her hip and head.

Her phone was on the kitchen counter, she attempted to call 911, but Suliasi took her phone and hid it. She said he wanted her out of the home. He went to the room with her belongings, told her to leave, and started taking her stuff out.

The female victim had a bruise on her elbow from where he shoved her into the door, and the Deputy saw where the door was broken and where her elbow had hit.

Deputy Cox could not find her phone and attempted to call it, but it appeared the phone was turned off.

While Suliasi was taking out her belongings, the victim quickly went into the bathroom. Suliasi pulled her off the toilet, took the urine, and rubbed it into her face and neck. She pointed out to the Deputy that Suliasi had cleaned up the mess and cleaned up around the house since she had barricaded herself in the bedroom.

The victim said Suliasi took a metal shelf and began hitting himself with it, then took a knife and started "putting it all over his body." Suliasi then took her clothes and threw them out of the window. The victim stated she was so scared she couldn’t believe he was doing this, and that’s when she locked herself in the bedroom.

There was damage to the outer door from Suliasi.

Deputy Cox spoke with other Deputies who had previously dealt with Suliasi. They said he had previous domestic violence cases where he caused injury to himself and claimed his previous girlfriends injured him.

While speaking with Suliasi, he denied everything. Deputy Cox said she barricaded herself last night, not six hours ago. Suliasi then said it was about 2:00 this morning.

Suliasi was asked why he waited so long to call law enforcement, and he said that he spoke with his family and an off-duty Officer, and they then told him to call dispatch.

Suliasi Fili Hufanga was booked into the Duchesne County Jail. The victim was transported to the hospital for her injuries.

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