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A Vernal Man Was Arrested For Having Marijuana Within Reach Of A Child


| Vernal, Ut. | May 11th & 15th, 2024 |

Officers were told that the male they were looking for was staying at (unknown address), and they went to speak with him.

While speaking with 18-year-old Treyden Rich Kelsey at the residence, he continually told officers that he didn't know who that person was and told the police he was not there. When another person confirmed that the individual was at that residence, police spoke with Treyden, who again told them that the man was not there.

It was found that Treyden had an active statewide warrant for his arrest, and while placing Treyden under arrest, Officer Maughan detected the odor of marijuana coming from his person.

A short while later, another person who lived at the home allowed the police into the residence to ensure the suspect was not there. The individual was found inside the residence after Treyden told us multiple times he was not.

While in the house, the odor of marijuana was very predominant. Officer Maughan observed a child coming out of the first room on the left. Sgt Manning asked if we could get the weed out of the house because the children were in the home.

The roommate went to the first bedroom on the left when you turned right in the living room and asked another roommate where Treyden's weed was. He then grabbed a white container with a red THC warning label on the top off of the floor out of the room. The container contained THC wax.

Treyden was advised of his rights and asked if he had smoked marijuana, and he stated yes, today. Treyden was asked which room was his, and he told the officer he stays in the first room on the left when you go right through the living room.

It was determined that there was probable cause to arrest Treyden Kelsey for the following charges:

Child Endangerment: this was due to the strong odor of marijuana in the house, indicating it had been recently smoked in, along with the child coming out of the same room where the marijuana wax was found on the floor, which could have easily been grabbed by the child.

Obstruction of Justice: this was due to Treyden attempting to prevent the apprehension of an individual by concealing him in his residence.

Possession of Marijuana/Spice: this was due to Treyden admitting that it was his room where the marijuana wax was found. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: this was due to the container with the red THC warning label with the marijuana wax inside.

Treyden Kelsey was transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked on the charges along with the active statewide warrant.

On 5/15/24, Deputy Fairey stopped a white Hyundai car at 2200 North and 1500 West in Vernal. Prior to the traffic stop, the deputy observed the vehicle driving and ran the registration information through the state database. The record returned from the state listed the car as uninsured.

After stopping the vehicle, Deputy Fairey made contact with the male driver and male passenger. The deputy observed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment. The adult passenger was identified by name as 18-year-old Treyden Rich Kelsey.

The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle to speak with the deputy, leaving Treyden in the passenger seat. The driver was asked about the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and denied having any marijuana with him. The driver later admitted to having placed a silver electronic cigarette containing THC on the center console during the traffic stop.

Treyden was also asked to step from the vehicle and questioned about the odor of marijuana. Treyden also denied having any marijuana in the vehicle but later stated that there may be some in a plastic container in his backpack that belonged to the driver. During Deputy Fairey's initial contact with the vehicle occupants, the backpack had been observed on the floorboard at Treyden's feet.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, with items of drugs items being found in a separate backpack belonging to the driver. The silver vape was not found in the vehicle at the location the driver had said. A search of Treyden's backpack was also conducted, and the item he had previously mentioned was not located.

Following the vehicle search, Deputy Fairey spoke to Treyden and the driver about the silver vape and plastic container. At that time, Treyden denied that he had disposed of the items or thrown them from the vehicle. The traffic stop was concluded, and the unknown driver was issued a citation for the drug and driving offenses.

A short time after the traffic stop, Deputy Fairey reviewed the video from his vehicle-mounted camera. In the video, the deputy can be observed standing outside the vehicle, speaking to the driver. At approximately the 16-minute, 28-second mark, Treyden's arm can be seen extending from the passenger window and throwing an item into the weeds along the roadside.

Deputy Fairey and an assisting deputy returned to the area of the traffic stop, and they were able to locate a silver E-Cigarette marked "Rocky Mountain Cannabis" lying on the ground.

The assisting deputy also located a small yellow container lying nearby. The container was opened and observed to have marijuana wax (dab).

Later, Treyden was found and read his Miranda Admonition. Treyden stated he understood his rights and agreed to speak to the deputy about the traffic stop.

Treyden initially denied throwing any item from the vehicle during the traffic stop. When told that he had been seen throwing an item from the vehicle on video, he then admitted that he had tossed the silver vape into the weeds. He also denied throwing the yellow container.

Treydin was placed under arrest and transported to the jail for booking on the following charge(s):

Misdemeanor A obstruction of justice.

Misdemeanor B possession of marijuana.

Misdemeanor B possession of drug paraphernalia.

The silver vape and the yellow container were booked into evidence at the sheriff's office and have been submitted for testing to confirm the existence of illegal drugs.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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