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A Uintah County man gets into a fight and is said he has a knife

By Travis Uresk


Uintah, CO. Ut.- On 5/30/23, a third party caller tells dispatch of a report of a fight after the victim got away, knocked on their door, and had them call 911 after being assaulted.

When Uintah County Deputies arrived at the scene, they spoke with the male victim, where he explained that 38-year-old Brandon Beau Schanno had gotten into a verbal argument with the victim over his girlfriend and had a knife the victim borrowed to go spearfishing.

The argument led outside the home onto the porch, where Brandon told the victim to leave his house and he wasn't welcome there anymore.

Brandon pushed the victim off the porch over the stairs causing him to land on a chain link fence. The victim said while he attempted to get up, Brandon came down the stairs and grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands causing it hard for the victim to breathe.

Brandon let go of the victim's neck with one hand and punched him on top of his head. The victim started to kick at Brandon until he let go. Brandon's girlfriend stepped in and broke up the fight, allowing the victim to run down the road to ask the neighbor to call for help.

The Deputies spoke with Brandon, and he confirmed the incident about the verbal argument and pushing the victim off the porch. When asked to provide details about what happened after he pushed the victim off the porch, Brandon said he couldn't remember.

Brandon Schanno was booked into the Uintah County Jail for aggravated assault and domestic violence.


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