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A Uintah County Deputy Recognizes A Man Enter A Vehicle That Has An Active Arrest Warrant

Updated: May 12, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 8th, 2023 | Warrant & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 4/4/23, at around 6:00 pm, Sgt. Watkins was traveling East on 250 West when he saw a male he recognized as Cody Alvarez walking down a driveway and approaching a white vehicle. He entered this vehicle as the Deputy passed by.

Cody Joseph Alvarez

Sgt. Watkins knew that Alverez had an active arrest warrant out of the 8th District Court.

As the vehicle pulled into the Vernal Gardens apartment complex, Sgt. Watkins conducted a traffic stop. He approached the driver's side and identified the driver as 37-year-old Jeremy Ficklin Bell and the front passenger was Cody Mayhew. Cody Alvarez was seated in the rear passenger seat just behind the driver.

Jeremy Ficklin Bell

Sgt. Watkins could see a large sheath to a knife that was attached to his waist. Alvarez confirmed he had more than one knife on his person. Sgt. Watkins also knew that Alvarez possessed firearms, and it was suspected he might be currently possessing one.

All the occupants were ordered to keep their hands visible until backup arrived. Cody stated he had meth in his shirt pocket and then was asked if he had any firearms. He responded by telling Sgt. Watkins, he had a gun in his pocket.

All other occupants were removed from the vehicle. Where Mayhew was sitting, there was a tooter straw. A search of the vehicle was conducted because of the narcotics found on Alvarez, along with the firearm and the tooter straw.

Cody Austin Mayhew

The driver, Jeremy, was found to be on parole and prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Along with the tooter straw on the floorboard was a blue backpack, and inside was Mayhew's wallet and driver's license, a syringe, tinfoil with heroin residue, and Suboxone.

An interview with the driver was conducted, and Jeremy was seated in Deputy Lyman's patrol vehicle. During this interview, Jeremy admitted he had used heroin the night before and meth the morning before. Jeremy claimed his boyfriend's wallet, Cody Mayhew, was in the backpack, and the drug items also belonged to him.

Jeremy stated the syringe found in the backpack had been used to inject heroin, and he admitted to smoking heroin. He also admitted to ingesting meth and knew about the Suboxone inside the backpack. Jeremy admitted he has a drug habit and had died recently from ingesting too much heroin, and brought back to life when his partner used Narcan.

Jeremy Ficklin Bell

Cody Austin Mayhew

Cody Joseph Alvarez


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